How to Get Blood out of Sheets? | 15 Genius Ways

Looking for how to get blood out of sheets? Trust me you are not alone. During your periods all the blood causes stains and mess up all your sheets and mattress. Those stains stay on your Lenin for a long time. Sometimes they show up everywhere, from your towel, panties, and denim shirts.

But is there anything embarrassing in it? NO, it’s so freaking normal and not a big deal. You don’t have to feel bad about it. The Good news is there are a lot of ways we can clean the bloodstains.

It’s an adventure if you are getting your periods each month and we are here to help you. We also hope that you do not want to leave your marks behind where you go.


How to Get Blood out of Sheets? 

Let’s know how to get blood out of sheets?

1. Sometimes Cold Water is Enough

You won’t believe it but it’s true. Put your lightweight fabrics, like your panties, sheets, bottoms, or else under cold running water and hold tight. Try to hold the stained area. See the results. You’ll be surprised to learn that cold water can do the trick. When the blood is fresh, water is enough to get the bloody fresh stain out of your linen entirely.

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2. Try Blood-removal products.

We know that you have to deal with blood after each menstrual cycle. Have you ever tried products that are specially made for removing blood stains from clothes? Enzymatic cleaners and oxygenated bleaches are used for cleaning all-purpose stains.

If you have space issues you can try Carbona Stains. It’s a great product if you are living in dorms. They come in tiny packings and can bear with you for a long way without taking your space. Some soaps can remove residual stains as well. Try that. Hand soaps, liquid, as well as bars, will do the job.

3.  Saline solution

This trick is useful when you are traveling or out of the home. Yeah, you never know when your next cycle will start and mess up your attire. What you can do is use salt water or saline solution. Take some table salt and cold water and wash stains.

They do really well in getting blood out of your favorite clothes. If you are wearing contact lenses, use your saline solution for the purpose. Yes, it’s handy when you are traveling.

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4.  Hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice both can work

If you need something strong to get out your bloody old stains, then this household item can really help you out. The strong and stubborn stains will disappear. If your clothes are white or other light-colored ones, these two options are best to try. When you will try on darker clothes, they can cause color loss. Before use, you can test on some other clothes.

5.  Aspirin or Baking soda.

Thank us later we are coming up with some very common and effective ways of removing stains. Aspirin and soda can also help us removing the stains. Do not eat aspiring for removal of stains. What you need to do is to crush the tablets and mix them in water. Now, apply this paste to the stain.

The same with baking soda. After applying the paste leave it for some time, max 30-40 minutes you can keep it overnight if the stains are big and nasty. The next morning launder the clothes as usual.

6. Meat tenderizer! Weird right…..

This is something weird right? Yes, unseasoned meat tenderizer. It works really well on stubborn and old stains. How to use it then? Just sprinkle the tenderizer powder and add water to make a paste. Now leave it for 30-40 minutes. After that wash it with cold water or normal wash.

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7. When nothing, use your saliva

What if you don’t have any above-mentioned options available. Don’t worry there is still one way to this thing which is your own spit, I know right, that it sounds creepy. However, this is the way to go when you have nothing else left.

8. Treat the bloodstains before Putting in Washing Machine

Leaks in the middle of the night might sometimes reach your mattress. You’ll be relieved to learn that the methods for removing blood from garments are identical to those used on regular linens, much relieved now.

Any of the products and processes you use to clean your clothes should work on your sheets. Treat the stain on a mattress pad or comforter (or anything else big but washable) the same way you would a stain on clothing and wash it.

Note: If you stain silk bed linens or anything else extremely fragile, read the care label to see what the manufacturer recommends.

9. Use a very small amount of liquid to clean up the mattress.

The best way to get rid of blood out of the mattress is to use a very little amount of liquid to wash. Using a large amount of liquid will create a problem with drying. The easiest and simple way to wash off is to choose a bloodstain removal product drop some of it on the stain and rub with a clean cloth it cottons ball.

After this allow the mattress to dry up. If you live in a humid climate use a small fan to dry up the sheet and you are done.

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10. When it comes to jeans soak and blot them to remove blood stains.

When the blood is on your jeans but not on your sheets, you have to use a different technique. This is because of the difference in fabric, since the jeans are thick you will need to blot away the stain.

Don’t even try to rub it, this will damage the fabric. Keep blotting away until the blood is washed, then soak the fabric in cold water for half an hour and dry it out. Ready to wear your fresh jean again.

11. As soon as feasible, treat your stain.

It is too said that the bloodstains are easier to remove the fresher they are. Deal with a bloodstain on your linens or clothing as soon as possible. In case you are running out of time, the best thing to do is to put the stained cloth in cold water.

The stain will be soaked and washing out will be done after you are done with your work, just don’t let the stain dry.

12 Hot water and fabric are not to go.

Hot water is not always good to treat anything, even with the fabric. What will happen when you use hot or warm water to wash out the bloodstain? The blood will move deeper into the fabric fibers. Remember, when dealing with any kind of fabric avoid using hot water.

13. Try, again and again, it’s all you need to do…

Try once more! To rescue your clothes from bloodstains, or any stains, you may need to give them more than one pass. And now and again, you just have to try something new! It’s vital to remember that if a stain doesn’t come out the first time, it’s not the end of the world.

Give it one more go, and when you’re finished, reward yourself with some chocolate. You’ve worked hard for it.

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