What are the Health Benefits of Brandy | Risks & Benefits

It’s all about how it has been purified, So yeah! Brandy health benefits are like red wine, the antioxidants present in it help to improve heart health.

But wait a minute, everything comes with pros and cons so do brandy. These brandy health benefits are nothing when compared to the health risk it brings with itself.

Moreover, to which extend brandy is good for you, or does the extraction of it from red wine keeps it in the line for people.


There are lots of questions around us. Let’s unwind some of them…

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Health benefits of Benefits

Considering, brandy is a purified soul that may be or may not be drawn from red wine. Brandy does have some level of vitamin C, and also antioxidants, making it beneficial for your health.

It contains a variety of components, ranging from Armagnac, Pisco, Calvados, grappa, and cognac. There was a time when brandy was known for its medical assistance When brandy was used to cure a bleeding person with leeches (a parasite). Sounds interesting right?

We can imagine that brandy was so famous that the French monks themselves named brandy as the “water of life.”

Believe it or not, doctors of the 20th century treat those who were very severe by using brandy as an emergency drug. When fever is on the high side brandy will help you to recover from it.

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However, with the passage of time and a lot more research, a doctor in this new era would never risk his degree by prescribing brandy as a cure. Now, there is no way in medical sciences that consider any kind or type of alcohol usage can have health benefits.

The American health officials denied that there are no such health benefits of drinking any form of alcohol, not even a shot of brandy. Yeah! you get it right. But they are stopping you to drink it for some fine. So chills guys 😉

Look for how to drink brandy (very important to know)

The finest thing to do when you want to sip brandy, just drink from a snifter but with a slim rim. Why a snifter, because it is a glass that’s a balloon at the base, and coming up it goes thinner making it a “balloon glass.” Thus, giving you a tasty sip with lots of aromas.

Although, brandy is not just a guzzling drink. A flavorsome sip just wants you to be grateful for the lush, sweet, spicy seasonings.

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Does brandy have something to do with your skin… Let’s see

It is to be said that the antioxidants in brandy tend to help your skin to look fresh and glowing. That’s. Why it is also suggesting to rub the brandy in your face like a normal wrinkle-free cream.

But there is no evidence in favor of this in any research so just use a normal face cream.

Brandy vs. whisky: Which to win

Winner! Of course no one. It is very obvious that whether it is brandy or whisky both have some alcohol in them. Distillation from red wine gives you brandy so it may have a higher level of beneficial antioxidants for you.

But then the health risk is way more than the benefits. And yeah, the distillation. The process reduces many nutrients from the brandy making it a normal alcohol drink.

Diabetic and a glass of brandy. What about this combo?

Good to go! Because the American health association claims that the antioxidants and flavours in wine might help the blood vessels to cope up with the free radicals and the people with diabetes have lots of free radicals so it would be good to go with brandy.

Research in 2018 stated that the people who indulge themselves I drinking red wine have a lesser level of glucose and also a low risk of diabetes as well.
However, that doesn’t mean drinking all the time. If you want to have a good level of blood sugar in your body (a diabetic person needs a lot of it) then keep balance while drinking.

If you have a craving for drinking just one glass of brandy after the drink and that’s enough for you.

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Healthy brandy brands to consider

People with brand-conscious will look for a good brand for brandy, but let me tell you there, are no such health brandy brands. If you want to drink just make sure to drink in a balance.

But knowing, that there are some antioxidants in red wine because of red grapes. It would be great if you go for brandy made from red grapes rather than white grapes.

But do remember distillation is still unknown how many nutrients it wipes out during the process.

Nutrition facts

When you distilled brandy, it gives you 64.7 calories per fluid which is ultimately lower than the other distilled drink.

You should know that brandy doesn’t provide you with carbohydrates, protein, or fat. But yeah, they have something for you like debonair vibes while you are sitting near the fireplace.

Does alcohol have any health benefits?

Okay, so it to be said by some researchers in their studies that some amount of alcohol usage can help to lower the risk of getting stroke and also helps cardiovascular damages. Some studies also claim that they can prevent clinical depression.

An experiment on test tubes also determined that red wine prevents the growth of cancer cells. But God knows if this can, be implied on the human body.

However, further study in 2018 claims globally that the deaths of cancer patients are proportional to the consumption of alcohol so the reality is that there’s no way to save a cancer patient by giving him a drink.

Speaking honestly, if you love your life stay away from drinking alcohol.

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You booze, you lose: The risks of drinking alcohol

Sometimes a glass of brandy will not kill you for sure. But the problem starts when one glass leads to one whole bottle and many more bottles.

There are a lot of risks with a high amount of usage with alcohol, some of them are mentioned below;

  • cancer
  • liver disease
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • depression
  • stomach bleeding

Do you know people who drink regularly do have problems with maintaining? Blood pressure, pain, sleep orders, and keeping diabetes in control.

Moreover, drinking too much can make you behave super weirdly, who knows you can even injure yourself, and top of all you can jump into anyone without protection. Sounds very risky!

If you are Trying to Put it down…

If you are trying to get rid out of drinking and you are unable to do so. Don’t worry sometimes it takes time to recover. You need to consult your doctor and even can register in the institute that helps drinkers to leave alcohol. Call out the helpline of your area and don’t hesitate for asking help.

Tip: My personal opinion is to ask your families and loved ones during these difficult times they are your real support.


For a long time, brandy was a medical cure. But now for sure, no one sees it in that way, because it is not the cure.

Yeah, brandy does have some benefits of red wine but drinking, in general, is not something we should promote because if not considering the control of the drink can lead you to serious health issues.
I am sure you don’t want this for yourself…
Before signing off we are sharing a famous quote from Movie Star Cary Grant. He says”A shot of brandy can save your life, but a bottle of brandy can kill you.”

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