Are Takis Bad for You? | Nutritions & Downsides

Are Takis Bad for You? Let’s find out. Takis means spicy rolled tortillas. They are available in multiple flavors. The best ones available are chili pepper, spicy buffalo ranch, and chili pepper lime.


Are Takis bad for you?

Do you know that Takis are packed with Carbohydrates, sodium, and fats? They contain a very low amount of good and vital nutrients that your body needs.

You might have heard about processed food. They are considered ultra-processed food. Processed food means, obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

There are few varieties of Takis, which are very spicy. They sometimes can upset your stomach, you might sometimes experience heartburn and indigestion if you eat a lot of Takis.

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You must avoid Takis if you have stomach issues, heartburn, or (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome. Takis can make the symptoms even worse.
Takis can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and save your Takis for an evening time or movie time, or occasional snack.

In the United States and Mexico, they are popular slaty snacks. Let’s find out are these hot corn snacks bad for you or not?

Are they bad for you?

They are high in fats, salt, and carbs and lack essential nutrients, which our body needs. They are also high in calories. If you are Taking one serving, that is 28g, which means you are taking 140 Cals. Once you take one serving, I am sure you won’t stop there.

Takis Fuego vs Takis

There isn’t much difference between these two. Fuego is much much spicier than the other one. If you measure it on scoville scale, the numbers are very high for Fuego. Eating spicy food is not bad like it is assumed. There are some benefits of eating spicy food. Do you want to know?
A study in 2015 on 0.5 million people found that people who eat spicy food 6-7 days a week had a 14% lower relative risk of death. If you have a sensitive digestive system, we feel sorry for you.

Most of the time spicy food upsets the stomach and also it aggravates certain medical conditions, like gastritis and IBS. You must consult a doctor if you have stomach issues.

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Nutrition Fact

Let’s find out the full nutrition per 28-gram serving of these extra-spicy tortillas.

Calories 140

  • Carbs 17 g
  • Sodium 410 mg
  • Fat 8 g
  • Protein 2 g
  • Calcium 8.12 mg
  • Fiber 1 g
  • Potassium 1.12 mg


“Processed foods” are more commonly used in our today’s world. However, do you actually know what is processed food?

To make things easy for you, any food items that have been gone through any manufacturing process before you consumed them, are what we called processed foods. There are other kinds of food items that have also gone through some process and that are pasteurized, canned, and dried foods.

But wait for a sec, this doesn’t mean that they are totally unhealthy. Do you know that most of the food items we consumed are being processed in some ways so, therefore, it is completely fine?

However, it would be great if you don’t overtake these ultra-processed foods, though they have lots of fat and sodium in them.

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The high content of sodium

Our major sodium consumption comes from salt. High consumption of sodium is not good for our health, the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that consuming high sodium can upsurge our blood pressure level, which can lead to heart diseases and stroke.

Adults should consume fewer than 2,300 mg of sodium per day, according to the 2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It’s better not to consume too many salty snacks like Takis if you want to stick to that rule.

If you are among the people who always want something to eat at midday. It is better to grab something more nutritious and less salty. Dried fruits and unsalted nuts can be your options.

Nutrients in low content

We all now have an idea about what Takis has to offer us. Takis has lots of carbs, fat, and salt in it, and every minute quantity of calcium and potassium. Which honestly not giving us any health benefits at all.

A healthy body that functions properly is all we wish to have. To achieve this plan your diet with some minerals and vitamins, like fresh vegetables and fruits. This is what you actually need to eat.

How about getting all types of nutrients, so just go and grab all colors of veggies at once. I’m sure you don’t want to miss any of the nutrients that these colorful veggies have in them.

Moreover, to your greatest interest, studies have claimed that a diet that encompasses a variety of fruits and vegetables can aid in reducing inflammation and prevent diseases.

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What’s about spicy food and digestion?

We all know there’s always something between spicy food and our digestive system.
Spicy meals provoked symptoms for 25.1 percent of participants in a 2020 study looking into the effects of diverse eating patterns on persons with chronic gastritis.

Spicy food can cause severe abdominal pain and acid reflux, so it is suggested to avoid eating spicy food if you have IBS.

It is possible that you can feel pain after eating a small amount of spicy food, even if don’t have any known underlying problem. In this case, it is best to contact your health professionals. They are the best ones to check and provide you with the best medical help that can aid your problem.

Everything seems good in moderation…

The secret to enjoying Takis, like many other things in life, is moderation.
They are pretty much like the nutritional black hole that gives you nothing but zero health-related benefits. But it is okay to eat Takis originally but remember do take some other eating stuff along with it to have some nutrients that are needed.

Processed food and health

Come on, you’re undoubtedly thinking. Processed foods can’t possibly be that harmful to your health. Aren’t they primarily corn? Right?

Well, for your information one of the French studies, held from 2009 to 2019, states that eating lots of ultra-processed foods is the reason for having the risk of cardiovascular, coronary heart, and cerebrovascular diseases.

Another 2020, study found that regular intake of ultra-processed food is linked to getting heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Don’t be afraid you can still have your favorites ultra-processed foods from time to time. But remember the quantity and avoid overeating.

Things to remember

Takis are a spicy tortilla snack that will send your taste receptors into overdrive. However, they aren’t exactly beneficial to your health. They’re highly processed and high in fats, carbohydrates, and salt, all of which are detrimental to your health when ingested in big quantities.

However, you can still have them over a while. But remember plan your diet accordingly and don’t eat too much processed food. After all, they are not giving you any healthy nutrients.


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