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HIV Vaccines | Moderna Started HIV Vaccine Trials

After successful COVID-19 vaccines, be ready for some great news for Moderna as HIV vaccines trials are on the way. The HIV Vaccines trials will roll out this week and there will be two versions of this vaccine.

This will be a breakthrough in science if these trials will be successful. We have all were waiting for this kind of news for a long time. Yes, this is a monumental step. We should be ready as well. Also, we should know what does it actually means and when we will be able to see the vaccine in the market.


HIV Vaccines

This should be noted that the same mRNA method has been followed to develop this HIV vaccine. The method was recently used to develop the COVID-19 shot.

According to reports, the two versions of the vaccines, mRNA-1644, and mRNA-1644v2, are developed using the same technology. mRNA method that was initially used to produce the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Reports also claimed that the HIV-Vaccines have cleared the initial safety requirements and they are ready for human testing.

Do you know that mRNA vaccines do not mutate your DNA and they do not include pieces of a virus? What actually do vaccines do to your body? They instruct your cells to create proteins. They ultimately trigger the immune system via antibodies and T-cells. Which attacks the unknown virus that enters your body.

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Initial Clinical Trials will be in Small Scale

Who is participating in the initial trials and what age group? The reports say that in the first phase of the trials, 56 participants will be taking part. The age group will be 18 to 50 with negative HIV and are in good health. The trials will further test the safety of this vaccine and also look for signs if the vaccine really triggers the immune system after the shots.

Wait until 2023 for the final results

HIV Vaccine trials will end in 2023 hopefully according to reports. The data collected will help in the next phase 2. We hope that the results will be a breakthrough in science.

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Then the clinical trials will be expanded. once the vaccine passes phase 2 it will be then moved to phase 3. After all these phases it will be finally ready for public use if everything goes well. It’s 20121 and very early to say when HIV vaccines will be ready for public use, but this is good news and we must know that we are one step closer to the cure.

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