About Us

We know that sometimes we could not sort things through the universe and could not find the ultimate solution, what’ best, real, smart, lasting and also workable for us. One more thing is, which is very important to consider is, what’s right for you and the valuable life you are putting together. Joltyourbuds is here to help you sort through and hope that you will feel better by doing what your heart is asking you to do.

What we cover in this Blog? We are going to cover, Food, health and wellness stuff that matters. Food matters in our lives and food is associated with our health, what we eat is ultimately going to shape us. Other than the food, we will cover anything else that’s cool, important, or maybe even life-changing. Our goal is to help you make healthy and take healthy steps to improve your health, and actions that will make your everyday life the best.

Whatever we are sharing and talking, either it’s breakfast stuff, breathing, brain health or anything, you can trust all Joltyourbuds content is evidence-based, science-backed.

We want you to get fitter, healthier, better, cleaner, calmer.

We already know that your body, mind and spirit are beautiful, and we do not need to keep an eye on them, but other than that we will keep an eye out for those things which may affect your wellbeing.

Thanks for being part of JYB and for trusting us with your well-being.
The Joltyourbuds team