Pu-erh Tea & Why You Should Drink it? | Benefits | Risks

Have you ever tried Pu-erh Tea? Or it’s new to you? Yeah, it’s a bit different from the others teas we drink. But you must try this unique tea because it comes with its own benefits.


It’s different from other tea we consume on daily basis like black and green tea. Basically, it is extracted from the camellia sinesis plant. The leaves from this plant are picked and the preparation method is different. It is prepared through fermentation and kept for years before use.

This tea hails from Yunnan, China and for many years this tea has been consumed. When you talk about flavor, it’s earthy and associated with many benefits like weight loss and other health-promoting qualities.

There isn’t enough research on this particular tea, still, in many parts of the world, this tea is being consumed. Let’s know what is best about this Pu-erh tea.

Some of the benefits of Pu-erh tea

As we mentioned earlier that there isn’t enough literature on Pu-erh tea…

1. Can Help you Lose Some Pounds

According to a study drinking Pu-erh tea can contribute to weight loss, can reduce body mass index, and also abdominal fat. Gallic acid is the main component in the tea which is the power behind weight loss and in animals, it is well known for weight loss.

2. Improve Gut happy

Pu-erh tea contains polysaccharides, which can help in promoting healthy microbial activities in your gut, which ultimately supports healthy digestion and it keeps the immune system up to date.

3. Reduce Blood Sugar Level

It has been observed that it can reduce fasting blood sugar levels in mice and the more it was given to mice, the results were astonishing and the better their blood sugar control got. There isn’t any such kind of study that has been done on humans, but pu-erh tea is sugar-free naturally, and drinking it won’t disturb your blood sugar levels.

4. Good for Cholesterol

Drinking Pu-erh tea stimulates and helps the body to release more fat and also fats also do not build up in our body. That means cholesterol is away from your arteries.

5. Protects Blood Vessels

It has also anti-inflammatory effects, especially, it fights chronic artery inflammation. That means your arteries are much healthier, which reduces the risk for heart diseases.

6. Anti-cancer effect

Some studies have revealed that pu-erh tea extracts ca kill cancer cells, like breast and colon cancer. This is very early to say but can be a good starting point for research.

7. Support liver health

We already know that it can help in fighting off inflammation and also helps in getting rid of excess fat from our body. This tea can also help to reduce risks related to liver diseases.

Is there a link between Pu-erh tea and weight loss?

It has been always said that Pu-erh tea has lots to do with weight loss. Even google will give you plenty of claims, but weight loss by just sipping Pu-erh tea is it for real?

Let’s check it out…

Maybe, is the answer to the question. These Pu-erh tea extract helps to burn the fat and even prevents to built new fat to accumulate in animals and test tubes. Moreover, this tea also controls the blood sugar level and if the sugar level is in control weight loss is easy for you.

So what about the human being, is the tea extract still effective on humans. Earlier research on 36 adults shows that taking Pu-erh tea 3 times a day for 12 weeks tends to lower the BMI and weight loss.

What should you bear in mind? A cup of Pu-erh tea is substantially less concentrated than a cup of Pu-erh tea extract. As a result, you shouldn’t expect a daily cup of Pu-erh to help you lose weight in the long run.

Note: You can drink it regularly while doing other stuff for weight loss like; exercise and diet, it will be more effective.

How to Make Pu-erh tea?

Brewing Pu-erh tea is similar to brewing any other loose-leaf tea. Boil the water and give the leaves a good squirt, then wait a few seconds for the leaves to open up.

Now throw away the water and, the remaining one will be poured over the leaves for 2 to 4 minutes, and then the tea is ready.

Why get rid of that first splash of water? In general, tea aficionados recommend taking this step to rinse the tea of any lingering dust or impurities.

The important thing to know about Pu-erh tea is that the fermentation process leads to produce mycotoxin, so better to discard the first rinse and then drink it.

Some risks and side effects associated with Pu-erh tea…

Well, there’s nothing dangerous with drinking Pu-erh tea but to know the fermentation process produces mycotoxins which are toxic produced by fungi and bacteria.

To be found is that the number of mycotoxins present in Pu-erh is at a very low level declaring it safe. However, it’s better to be on the super-safe side by just rinsing the tea before boiling.

Moving further with the fermented foods that are rich in bacteria, just like Pu-erh they tend to disturb your stomach.

The point to be noted here is that Pu-erh has some level of caffeine in it so it is caffeinated. The amount of caffeine will entirely depend upon 2 things, the age of Pu-erh and how long you boil it.

Take away

Pu-erh has something good for you if you want to lose weight and also brings you other health benefits. However, don’t depend yourself totally on it, if you are fond of its taste go for it but if you don’t, just chill it is a tea man😋

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