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Vaginal Rash | Causes, Treatments, Remedies

Vaginal Rash is also called Genital rash and you do not need to worry, they are treatable. Let’s figure out what causes a vaginal rash. It’s important to know that what kind of symptoms you are getting and also you need to figure out what’s disturbing your vag.

  • Vaginal ooze
  • Burning & itching skin
  • Bumps and Blisters
  • A red, swollen vulva
  • Splotchy skin
  • Painful sex
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes


Why Vaginal Rash?

Common rashes are skin reactions to irritants. We know that they are annoying and you should also know that usually, they are harmless. But sometimes they can irritate you this much that they piss you off and become a bigger problem. Some of the common rashes which you can experience and could be irritating for your vag are here.

  • Switch your detergents,  could be contact Dermatitis

Products that touch our skin have always risks of getting skin irritation. During body wash, any detergent, scented toilet paper, scented pad, all these can cause contact dermatitis, which is actually a reaction to your skin. One study shows that above 50 percent vaginal rashes are caused by contact dermatitis. When it hits you, it’s itchy, red, and pretty dry.

Sometimes it’s very tough to figure out the main cause of getting contact dermatitis. It can be any reason. Even a bleach spot can cause this. Other possible reasons are sweat, friction and sometimes new paints can irritate your skin.

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As we said you do not need to worry, it’s treatable. Get rid of whatever is causing it and you can get back to normal life.

  • Red and Scaly Vag.… Psoriasis

Psoriasis means you have a scaly and itchy rash erupting on sensitive skin. When your immune system produces extra skin cells, Psoriasis happens. Initially, it can appear on your elbows and knees, but after a while, it can affect your vag as well. Most people with Psoriasis develop rash in their genitals. It’s disgusting, right?

In a study during 2014, it was found that women with psoriasis are hit by vaginal itching very often. It does not enter your vagina but it disturbs the area around your labia and can even affect the anus as well.

Pro Tip: Talk to your doctor first. Do not apply any cream or moisturizer on your own. It can be more disturbing.

  •  Vaginitis (swollen and itchy Vag)

If you had a yeast infection previously, it was vaginitis. What is vaginitis? Its infections or inflammation around your vag. According to a study, when bacteria and yeast infect your vag, and it gets lining swollen.

Along with swelling and itching, other symptoms also appear as well, like fishy-smelling discharge, pain during intercourse, vag bleeding, yellow, grey, green discharges.

Vaginitis is treated with some creams but sometimes antibiotics and antifungals are also prescribed for the remedy.

  •  Molluscum Contagiosum (round bumps down there)

It’s a viral infection. Having sex with an infected person means you will get it. They really irritate you down there because they get red and angry with time. Round bumps, like tiny pearls, really piss you off. You need to keep your immune system alive to fight against this condition without medicine. Consult your doctor for medication. Medication can speed up the healing process and you will get rid of them very early.

  • Scabies (tiny red bumps that itch like crazy)

Scabies irritates your skin and the infected area. It is caused by small bugs (mites) and they hide in your skin and lay eggs and that’s where rash starts to appear. The rash means your vag skin is freaking out about the mess created by scabies. Your vag skin wants you to clean the mess. So how you get scabies? There are multiple reasons for getting scabies. Maybe your partner has scabies,  maybe a bad cloth, or even a dirty towel can be the reason.

What do you need to do when you get scabies? First things first, stop scratching. Consult your doctor and get medical care. Wash your clothes with hot water or a good detergent. Sundry your clothes. This can kill the bacteria.

  • Lice (itchiness around pubic hair)

Like scabies lice also do like pubic hair. You can catch them from an infected person or object. Do worry they do not crawl into your vag. Keep clean your vag hair. Grab some medicines or consult your doctor for treatment but do be ashamed of getting any of the above vag skin conditions. It’s natural and normal.

  •  Herpes (Cluster of small fluid-filled bumps)

When it comes to STIs, herpes is very common and on top of the list. We would say your worst nightmare right? According to a study, 1 out of 6 people gets this disease between the age of 15 to 50. It won’t leave you once you have herpes. They stuck with you, like BFF.

So what are the symptoms? First, you will be experiencing burning blisters around your vag. This will irritate your skin. The sore skin will burn and ooze for few days and sometimes for weeks.

It will disappear in some people but others will experience swollen, red, painful vulva for some time. Some signs of genital herpes are below.

  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Sudden fever
  • Headache and body aches

There isn’t any specific cure and medicine for herpes but doctors can suggest medicine to ease and shorten the length of your disease.

  • Syphilis (vag rash with flu)

Syphilis is another type of herpes but this shows up more slowly. A bacteria cause syphilis and you can imagine how deadly it can be if untreated.
You should know the progress of syphilis over time.

  • Phase 1: After contracting STI, a tiny sore will appear near your vag within 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Phase 2: Vagina rash will appear and this one will be a big one. Other symptoms like flu, sometimes weight loss, and hair loss.
  • Phase 3: No symptoms in this stage of the disease, but you need to see the doctor in the second phase so that you might not get end up thinking that the condition has passed.
  • Stage 4: no one does reach this stage. Even untreated, it can not get to the point of condition where your organs fail. Do not worry it takes 10 years for this disease to the stage where it becomes life-threatening and no one waits for 10 years to heal itself. See your doctor and get medicine it’s treatable.
  • Planus Lichen (red and rough vaginal or labia)

It is quite possible that your very own immune system can freak out and Bump in your mucous membranes that can cause lichen planus. Some of the common symptoms of it include, burning during sex, redness between legs, and whitened skin patches, but don’t worry lichen planus is curable and also it is not contagious.

This lichen planus bring your vagina scarring and if not treated right can cause severe damages, so it is better to consult your doctor, usually, many of them advise you to take topical steroids. Read it very carefully, Lichen Planus is treatable but doesn’t waste time waiting for recovery go to your doctor ASAP.

Note: If your rashes get more reddish and cause severe pain so you may have Squamous cell carcinoma, which is another thing that causes because lichen planus, therefore, better be in touch with your doctor.

  • Bartholin’s cyst (painless swelling)

Another one similar to cystic acne, but in your lady bits rather than on your face. What it is? A Bartholin’s gland cyst starts as a little swelling inside your labia, near the vaginal opening. One of the glands that keep you lubed up might become infected and slowly swell with pus.

It is possible that you can experience pain while having sex; redness and irritation are majorly there as the infection begins to grow. You can get relief from this, with pain relievers, or removal surgery, both the options are good, depending upon the severity you can select one by consulting your doctor.

  • Lichen Sclerosis (white areas around skin around the vagina)

Young girls and women with postmenopausal have a certain skin disorder known as lichen sclerous. It appears as a white plaque that wraps around your vulva and anus, forming an unsightly figure-eight rash.

Furthermore, lichen sclerosis vanished easily on its own; however, it is necessary to consult your doctor. You might have to take medication for a long run to avoid these rashes from returning.

Other minor things?

Your vagina can be harsh sometimes and causes itching. However, you don’t need to worry, it can be swollen due to countless other reason which is as follows:

  • razor burn
  • ingrown pubic hairs
  • friction in skin folds
  • tight clothes
  • heat rash from skipping the shower after your workout

Common vaginal rashes

Contact dermatitis or vaginitis is likely to blame if your rash is centered around your vaginal opening (rather than the entire genital region).

A Bartholin’s cyst (remember, a lubricating gland obstruction) could possibly be the culprit.

Common vulvar rashes

Any genitals outside your vaginal entrance are referred to as your vulva. The tissues around the labia, minora, clit, and uthera are because of this. If you notice rashes around your valva, it might be one of these; lichen, herpes, neurodermatitis, or psoriasis.

Common labial rashes

Do you know you have a total of two lips, one on your face and another one labia, also called “lips” of the vagina, interesting right? But for your information, they can also be swollen for various reasons.

Rough or harsh sex can be one of the prominent reasons, other than that, changing condom or tampon brands can also serve this problem or yeast infection would be the culprit.

Suggestions for vaginal rash remedy

Your top priority should be informing your partner about it as the rashes could be contagious. Alert for pregnant ladies, do consult your doctor to prevent transmission of the rashes to the newborn.

Let me tell you, stop scratching yourself as it is not the cure, rather it will worsen the condition.

Better to go with these little pieces of advice;

  • If you have a yeast infection, eat yogurt, kombucha, and other probiotic-rich, gut-friendly foods.
  • Wear light cotton underwear, try to avoid skin-tight clothes.
  • Use cotton oil or tea tree oil for moisturizing, it will surely help to ease inflection.
  • Don’t use any sort of scented products like; cream, spray, detergent, or soap near that area.
  • If you clean that area starts from front to back.
  • Soothe that area by using a cold washcloth or any other means but don’t scratch.
  • A very important piece of advice is to use condoms during sex it will be beneficial for you and your partner.

The need for doctors in all of this…

It is really important to know when to call a doctor, if you experience vaginal rashes for the first time it’s better to consult your doctor. This will allow you to know better about your conditions and the different ways in which you can treat yourself.

What is the best way to acquire a diagnosis?

When you will consult your doctor regarding the rashes, you will need to give all of the medical histories, or even have to show your rash to the doctor.

It is also possible that your doctor might ask your permission for taking a swab of discharge, a scrape of the skin, or a biopsy if needed. So be prepared for that!

A blood test can also be performed because of STIs, after examing your condition, your doctor can refer you to a specialist.

Remember this only you can help yourself from future rashes

How? Read below points;

  • Keep your overall health fit and fine so that you can easily handle any kind of infection.
  • Don’t forget to use condoms.
  • Sharing in towels or clothes; “A BIG NO”.
  • Good ground hygiene is very crucial
  • Avoid using scented products near that area.


Vaginal rashes are a common thing but do consult your doctor if you experience it for the first time. Rashes are treatable, so don’t worry, all rashes are not treated in the same way so better to diagnose it with a professional health worker who will then provide you with medication or proper treatment if the condition is severe.


(This content including advice provides common information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. JOLTYOURBUDS does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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