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There are a lot of different types of piercings, either it’s snakebite piercings on tongue or on your lower lip, they have been a popular choice of people. In recent years, snakebite piercings or lower lip piercings got attention as it’s considered to be the major sex appeal and it also gives visual impact.


What is Snakebite Piercing on tongue?

Stay calm we are going to tell you everything about snakebite piercing, facts about it, jewelry used for piercings, the healing process, and what kind of safety measures you should take during the process and after the process.

On your lower lip, two rings are pierced at either corner, that’s snakebite piercing. You will look sexy, a goddess, a sexual viper god, what not seriously.🐍 You know it gets its name because of the visual effect it creates, similar to snake fangs. Usually, two piercings on your lower lip, and some use rings and some use studs as well.

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How to get snakebite piercing?

Go and find a professional plus clean piercer. Hygiene is very important when it comes to piercing. Certain infections are transmitted via such kinds of unsterilized instruments. So, the next step is to give them some bugs. Ask the piercer to sterilize your mouth. The specialist will thread the snakebite piercing jewelry into your mouth. They use special equipment so please do not try at home.

Healing after snakebite piercing

The healing process after snakebite piercings takes time. It can take up to months and sometimes even more than that. But bleeding and pain disappear after a week. The good news is snakebite piercings on the tongue and even on lips aren’t painful, so chill.

Caring for Piercing is Important

After piercing either piercing on the tongue or on lips, do not forget to ask for detailed aftercare advice, that’s very important. It’s understood that you need to keep the pierced area clean. Avoid touching with bare hands or disturb the healing process.

How much does it cost?

Cost may vary and depends on your piercer. Normally 80 to 100 bugs are enough for two piercings and jewelry is included in this cost.

What types of jewelry can be used?

Studs or rings, mostly these kinds of jewelry are used for piercing. Do you know that after the first piercing the jewelry will feel loose because of swelling in the lips? So, do not panic. Once done with healing you can change the jewelry which better fits.

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Do you know about the Jewelry material of piercings?

According to APP (Association of Professional Piercers), these materials can be used in piercing jewelry.

  • Surgical steel
  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Glass

Some more details from ASTM and ISO on different jewelry which are considered safe are below.

  • The steel used for surgery should comply with ASTM and ISO standards. ASTM-F-138, ISO 10993, and EEC Nickel Directive compliant.
  • The titanium that is being used should be implant certified. Commercially pure titanium can also be used.
  • Gold should b 14K or higher. Color can be yellow, rose, or white. Do not use 18K or above, it’s soft and can not be used.
  • If using glass, it should be fused or quartz glass. Lead-free or lead-free soda-lime glass can also be used.

You need to do research because it might look a bit technical for you. You can ask your piercer about these materials and he should have enough knowledge to make you understand.

Pros and cons of snakebite piercings on tongue or Lips

It should always be a personal decision for piercing your nose, lips, or tongue and where do you want the piercing, depends on you.


When you get snakebite piercing…..

  • It’s visually striking and fashionable.
  • Appealing in terms of sex, for anyone.
  • A style that draws attention to your lips and shows off your facial symmetry.
  • Cheap Simple  to get
  • Easy maintenance


Yes, it has some cons as well…

  • You can not hide this style for formal events or job interviews.
  • You can’t ignore the Pain and if two piercings, that means twice.
  • Tooth and gum problems can be a risk

Does snakebite piercings on tongue hurt?

The answer is YES. A small needle hurts, anyhow this is a metal sticking through your flesh. OUUCHH…If you want the piercings done, tolerate the pain. It hurts more than the nose and ear piercing. People also go for nipple and genital piercing and it’s even more painful than this one. Clean your piercing jewelry if you want it to heal without catching any infections.

Does snakebite piercing take time to heal?

It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal. But you need to look after it. Keep it clean and away from infections. Pain will gradually decrease. Initial days are like hell because the area swells and swelling should go within 5 to 6 days. If you smoke healing process can be a bit longer.

What to avoid during the healing process?

You need to avoid simple things during the healing process. So, DONT…

  • play with the piercing
  • remove the piercing before it recovers fully.
  • Do not Share your cup or any other cutlery with others, even family members.
  • chew gums, pens, straws, or anything which could carry bacteria.
  • Do not play contact sports or take part in active physical activity
  • do anything sexual involving your mouth
  • Not even kissing
  • NOT EVEN THAT YES, especially not that one.

What is the procedure for getting a snakebite piercing?

More, or less the process is very much similar to all other types of lip piercing. But, every individual piercer uses a different technique in doing it.

  • Checking your lip space before the piercing is the first step.
  • A consent form is the second step which is every necessary, followed by this jewelry selection comes.
  • Antiseptic mouth wash is the topmost priority, cleaning the mouth prevents bacterial infection and also takes care of the external lip.
  • After this, the piercer will mark the points with a marker on your lips.
  • A hollow needle will be used to inject into your lips and stringing the ring.
  • After the procedure, make sure to re-clean your mouth with a mouthwash.
  • At last, you are all ready to pose. Don’t forget to smile.

Attention, the dangers of a snakebite piercing:

Piercing is as paining as it sounds exciting. After snake bite piercing it is common to experience some amount of pain, bleeding, or swelling, after all, you have inserted a metal through your lips. These aftereffects are general, but some of the risk linked with piercing is as follows;

  • Due to contamination or other reasons, infection after the piercing is common, followed this it is possible to have come in contact with these infections too, that are HIV transmission, tetanus, hepatitis B and C, or other blood-borne infections.
  • If even a small quantity of nickel present in your jewelry, then your skin might be irritating if it’s sensitive.
  • Bleeding, or, swelling for more than a week.
  • It can also harm your teeth if you unexpectedly bite your jewelry.
  • Choking on broken jewelry.
  • Snakebite piercing also has a little tendency to damage your brain nerve.

One side of my snakebite piercing hurts more than the other.

Please consult your doctor if you are feeling pain in a specific area after piercing, it might be because of inflection. Moreover, if you have any of these points, hurry up to book an appointment with your doctor;

  • Fever
  • A foul odor or yellowy-green mucous around the pierced region
  • If bleeding and swelling are causing a lot of pain.

How can you know if you have a blood clot?

Shocking but the truth, in rare cases piercing, can even lead to the formation of the blood clot. If you are in these cases, immediately consult your doctor for medical advice;

  • Getting cramps in any of your limbs.
  • Short of breath
  • Problem while inhaling or severe chest pain
  • Swelling, redness, or discoloration in one of your limbs, or unusual warmth

Giving care after piercing;

Remember, it is totally up to you to take care of the pierced area after the whole procedure to prevent any infection.

  • Cleaning your mouth should be your priority, with a diluted mouth wash.
  • Change your eating habits for a few weeks, eat soft food or soup.
  • A smooth toothbrush is what you should use.
  • Use ice if your piercing area swelled.
  • Clean your hands before touching your lips.
  • Using anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen in the morning during the first week to reduce swelling
  • Using an extra cushion to lift your head when sleeping

Points to takeaway

Likewise, all body arts, snakebite piercing could be amazing, but then you will have to deal with pain and other after-effects of it. Speaking about snakebites it can be a safe and visually attractive look if you take the effort to choose a reputable piercer (the APP can assist) and do your part to maintain the piercing clean.

Slowly and gradually, people are acknowledging body art such as tattoos and piercings, now it is more common among many. If you are really into expressing yourself, snake piercing is a brilliant choice for you



(This content including advice provides common information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. JOLTYOURBUDS does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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