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Almost everybody is concerned about congested skin and clogged pores. This condition of the skin is a super common and most annoying skin problem. Don’t worry we have answers for all your congested skin problems.
In-depth we will try to find out the common causes, symptoms and how to treat clogged skin. You will know how to perfect your daily skincare routine.

Facts about Congested Skin

What is it? When oils, dead skin, sweat or other impurities in skin pores build up, they cause skin congestion.
What causes it? Some of the daily skin care products or even a poor skincare routine can also clog pores and make skin congested. In some cases, hormonal fluctuations, overactive oil glands and our lifestyle can also contribute to clogged pores.
What are the symptoms? The most common symptoms are blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and skin irritations. I must say congested skin and acne are like BFFs, they never leave you. Sometimes congested skin can lead to a dull complexion and uneven texture.
How do I treat it? A daily skincare routine can help, and it will depend on the causes and your skin type. Always seek a specialist if your problem persists.

Causes of Congested Skin

Skin specialists explain the main causes of congested skin as poor cleansing and exfoliation routine. There are a lot of other factors which can cause congested skin.
  • Hormones: Hormonal imbalance can cause skin problems like acne and a lot more. Others factors that can trigger sin problems are periods, pregnancy, PCOS, and thyroid disease, all these factors can also cause skin problems.
  • Oil production. Oily skin is a common problem that can cause congested pores and skin may look greasy and shiny.
  • Comedogenic products. There are some products that can block your pores. There are some common causes that can lead to clogged pores. Face creams, lotions, makeup and sun shields are the main culprits.
  • Skin elasticity. With time and age, our skin loses its elasticity, ultimately the size of our pores may increase and lead to congested skin.

What are the Signs of Congested Skin?

According to specialists’ people who experience congestion can notice it on the forehead area, nose, inner cheek area and chin.
Below are some of the conditions which may appear on your skin:
  • Blackheads. This condition is very common and may appear when dead skin and oil get blocked in the pores of your skin. When exposed to air and sunlight, this turns into dark colour.
  • Pimples. Who does not hate pimples? I guess everyone. Because these are horribly swollen bumps appear on our skin when oil, dead cells and bacteria blocked in your skin pores.
  • Whiteheads. Similar to blackheads but the difference is that these are pus-filled with a white Centre and a reddish centre.
  • Texture. When skin gets congested, it appears rough, bumpy and dull.

How to treat my congested skin?

Here’s how you can give your skin the glow-up it deserves. Here are the methods to treat congested skin and give your skin the shine and glow which it deserves.

Rethink which Products You Use

If your skincare products are not up to the mark, you need to change them, which may help a lot in solving half of your skin problems. Opt for products that are gentle to your skin and won’t stuff up your skin.
Read the labels on the products and go with skin friendly products, like oil-free or noncomedogenic, which won’t clog your pore and worsen your skin. Know your skin condition first before buying products. Your skin may be normal, oily, dry or in combination.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation helps to improve skin texture and removing dead skin cells. The best way is to exfoliate with chemical products rather than a physical one. Physical products can upset skin. Go for products that have ingredients like BHAs, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. You can consult a skin specialist for better opinions and suggestions.

Try prescription skincare

Some of the skin conditions are stubborn and they won’t clear up with just a normal skincare routine. In such conditions, you need to see a specialist, who can suggest another type of treatment personalized to your unique needs.

Wash Your Face

If you have clogged pores, you need a daily skincare routine to achieve clear and healthy skin. Below is a step-by-step guide for people who have congested skin.
  • Cleanse. Start with cleansing. It will remove any makeup and will prepare your skin for a wash. After cleanse, follow with a face wash, which suits your skin condition.
  • Tone. Toners remove excess oil and other impurities from your skin. Go with a toner that does not contain alcohol or any other harsh chemical, that can upset your skin in various ways.
  • Treat. Use a serum once done with toning. Try to use the serum on congested areas, this is also called spot treatment.
  • Hydrate. The last step is to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer.
 P.S. Use exfoliator 2 to  3 times a week. Using more than that can irritate your skin. 

Home Remedies for Congested Skin

It’s not a big deal. You just need to change your simple daily routines, which can add up and make a big difference.
  • Change your Diet
Most of the skin problems arose due to our diet and it’s very common. Dairy products, sugar, chocolates can cause skin problems. Studies have also shown that a high protein diet like eggs and low glycemic foods can cause acne.

These may be great choices for you:

  • Kale
  • Tofu
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Wild rice
  • Flaxseed
  • Navy beans
  • Wash up after a workout
Sweat after a workout can buildup dirt, oil, and bacteria on your skin. Cleanse your face before starting your workout. After the workout, use a face wash that can remove dirt and sweat.
  • Avoid friction
Wear clothes that fit your form and breathable. Skin friction can cause acne and some cloth may scratch your skin, avoid such clothes and wear soft and fit clothes if possible.
  • Beware of sneaky bacteria
Bacteria can reach your face via any mean. Your cellphone can be the medium. Disinfect your phone before using it. Because bacteria can cause skin problems like irritation and breakouts.

 P.S. Wash your pillowcases on regular basis and also wash your reusebal face masks. 

How to clear clogged pores?

Do not extract the acne gunk by yourself. It will worsen the skin further by keeping marks on the pores forever. We know the temptation of popping the acne. But do not do that.
When there is any skin problem related to this, consult any specialist so that he or she can perform the appropriate extractions. Picking, rubbing or scratching your clogged pores or congested skin can lead to even more serious problems and irritations.

Skincare Suggestions

  • Skin peels
This process is done by any specialist like a dermatologist, by using a chemical skin peel to clear up the rough, dull or clogged skin. Just be clear that a specialist can perform this chemical process.
  • Extractions
Please do not perform this at home. A specialist (dermatologist or aesthetician) can perform this process with special tools, which are specifically designed to extract the gunk out of the pores.
  • Microdermabrasion
This process s done with a vacuum-like device, which sucks the impurities from the skin and leaves behind fresh and even skin. This is a type of physical exfoliation.
  • HydraFacial

This kind of cleansing is three in one. Cleanse, exfoliate and infuse serums into your skin all in one go. This procedure is one of the spendy ones so be careful enough whenever you visit your local area shop.


Now we know that congested skin is because of dead skin, dirt and other impurities, which block the pore. There are a lot of causes of this skin condition but the common one is using a normal skincare routine. But in some cases, it can also be due to hormonal imbalance or extra active oil glands.
Just follow a skincare routine that suits your skin type, but once you find out that it does not work, you need to consult a specialist. They can help you with your skin problems so that your skin be back on track.

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