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Camping simply means snacks. Without camping snacks, a camping trip just isn’t practical and no one actually goes. We know that summers have arrived and everybody is planning for camping after this lockdown, so we are coming with some best camping snacks for you to make your camping experience more enjoyable.


One thing that is true about camping is, it’s full of fun, adventure and of course us hungry for some freshness. So, we have rounded up some of the best camping snacks for your next camping, so you can munch on while camping, hiking and where ever you need.

What makes a good camping Snack?


Room-temperature storage


Snacks we are sharing with you can be safely stored at room temperature for few days for sure. Depends on where are you camping. If you are having a cooler or Recreational vehicle, that can safely keep things cold for 24 to 48 hours, it’s fine, you can take snacks that require cold storage. But for this post, we are assuming you are not having a facility of cold storage, no aka cooler.

If they Melt


If you are carrying snacks that melt or become soft at room temperature and above, you need to consider. Chocolates, nut butter and coconut oil might be fine with a small ice pack, throughout the day. But these kinds of foods are less ideal while hiking because you don’t want to hike with your sticky fingers.

Minimal packaging


For camping minimal packaging is ideal. Nobody wants to bring a lot of mess with themselves in the jungle. So, choose snacks that use minimal packaging. If you are carrying bars or wraps, and you know that they are sticky, then you might need to wrap them individually, so that they could not destroy other things in your backpack.

18 Tasty Best Camping Snacks


1. Granola-Crusted Nuts


If you want some crunchy nuts with a little bit of sweetness, then they are gonna be the best choice for you. These are the perfect trail snack and will definitely boost your energy when you are on a hike.

2. Crunchy roasted chickpeas


If you don’t eat nuts, they are gonna be a great protein-packed alternative for you. They are low effort snacks and must say ideal for camping and excursions. You need seasoned Acadians, but a lot of flavour suggestions are there, you can choose from them.

3. S’mores popcorn


you not planning or S’mores for your next camping, there are other lots of options. Like the classic marshmallowy, chocolaty, graham crackery flavour can be enjoyed in a lot of other ways.
Note: Until snack time you need to keep this in the shade, otherwise it will melt and you won’t enjoy the real Popcorns.

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites


These bites of energy are very easy to make. With just a few ingredients and guess what no baking is required. If the peanut is there definitely proteins are there, carbs mean oats and for some sweet honey and chocolate chips are added.

5. Fig Bars


Fig Bar? Are you serious? Yeah, if you haven’t tested it yet, try these five-ingredient fig bars, they are awesome. You are gonna impressed for sure. You also do not need to back, just put for some time in the fridge to set and cut into square or any shape you want and pack in your bag.

6. Double ginger almond British flapjack


There are different versions of flapjacks. British flapjacks are different from American flapjacks. They are chewy and similar to granola bars, but not as crunchy as other bars are.


These ginger almond flapjacks are a great option for your next camping trip. In a short time, you can prepare, they do not require heavy backing, just a short stint in the oven and you are done to pack.

7. Strawberry apricot fruit leather


These are homemade fruit Roll-Ups. Trust us this is freaking simple. This apricot strawberry leather and you need to Roll It up with strips of parchment paper so that they could be stored easily.

8. Rosemary roasted cashews


With just calling the name “rosemary roasted cashew” your mouths be watering. If you are having a recreational vehicle and also some wine around your campfire, this is like the cherry on top. You can enjoy this snack while waiting for the main course to come off the grill.

9. Cranberry almond granola bars


These cranberry almond granola bars are loaded with cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, and pepitas (aka green pumpkin seeds). They’re also topped with a chocolate drizzle, but if you’re worried about it melting, you can skip it. We are sure that they can keep you satisfied until lunchtime because they are so filling and packed with lots of ingredients.

10. Homemade “Larabars”


They are easy to make at home. This is a six-ingredient homemade snack, just an imitation of apple pie. Larabars are also vegan and just like store-bought bars, these homemade Larabars don’t need to be wrapped. No waste and no mess, but tasty and yes they are vegan.

11. Vegan trail mix cookies


The main ingredient is Oat, which is mixed with cranberries, sunflower seeds and chocolate chips. You can also add almond butter, coconut oil and banana as well if the above ingredients are not enough. All these transform the trail into a cookie and we are sure that cookies are everyone’s favourite.

12. S’mores granola bars


Once again, we are back to s’mores. Because we know that without smores camping can not be enjoyed to the fullest. Granola bars are the favourites once. They are crispy and the perfect sweet snack to enjoy after a long day.

13. Air-fryer maple pecan hand pies


We must say the most involved recipe on our list is this snack. But we all know that it’s worth including because they are like camping classics.
Puffy pastry filled with a mixture of maple pecan, mouthwatering, right? Of course, they are homemade but they are not Pop-tarts. This could be a tasty treat after a day of different snacks, like nuts, granola and dried fruits.

14. Fruit chips


If you love crispy fruit leather, then these are gonna be your favourite ones. Spinach is added in small amount but once you eat you would never notice the taste even.
They take a bit longer time to dry out in the oven, so you have to start earlier if you want to take these snacks for camping.

15. Cinnamon pecan granola


This snack will cost just a few bugs and make 5 to 6 cups of nutty, cinnamon and flavorful granola. Once you will make these snacks you are gonna love them. Thanks, us later, first try them.

16. Foolproof crispy baked kale chips


I don’t know why some people hate them, but that’s true. They are a bit divisive. If you are among the people who love them, then this is going to be an easy recipe.

17. Homemade Chex Mix


You know that Chex Mix is on the best and all-time favourite snack food. It’s easy to make this at home with little efforts. The best thing about this recipe is that you can choose your perfect ratio of cereals.

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