Purified vs Distilled Water Which one is Better? | Purified or Distilled Water

People are extra conscious about drinking water. And why not they should be. Distilled water is a popular choice when it comes to people who are extra conscious about drinking water. Do we know that, distilled water versus purified water, which one is better?

Distilled water vs. Purified water


Both are water and might seem pretty similar on the watery surface, but actually, they have differences you should consider while drinking 10-12 glasses a day.

Distilled water

  • Free of impurities
  • Great for people with reduced immunity like those with HIV or cancer
  • Free of  Chlorine and other additions
  • It lacks those good, tasty minerals (distillation removes 99.9 % of them) ✖
  • able to take in minerals from anything it touches, including plastics and your own body ✖
  • Not the tastiest ✖



Purified water


  • Recommended where there is poor public water quality
  • Free of heavy metals, which can upset your stomach and other infections
  • Super tasty
  • It also lacks handy fluoride ✖
  • It’s expensive to make as you need to buy and  change filters constantly ✖
  • Create a lot of waste, whether you’re buying it in plastic bottles or disposing of used filters ✖



On the surface, they’re pretty the same.


Purified water contains minerals but chemicals and contaminants removed.


Distilled water means non of the above, with both contaminants and minerals removed.

But can you decide, which one is better? Confused right? Do not worry we will explain so that you could decide easily.

What is distilled water?


It’s the purest as it this water has taken a further step into purity, removing minerals and chemicals as well. When heavy metals, chlorine and chemicals that make our tap water taste vaguely, are removed, that water is purified water, but the minerals which are helpful to our body stay there. they do not go anywhere.
But in distilled water, you get rid of everything. Like the minerals, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine everything, and you are left with a tasteless, I would say drinkable air is left behind.

So, how is distilled water made?


It pretty obvious that distilled water is made through the process of distillation.

Distillation is the process where you boil water and collect the steam, which then cools down and turns back into the water. this water is actually distilled water purer than anything.
Most of the time distilled water is used for medical facilities and in laboratories. It’s the purest form of water, the gold standard of water. So does that mean, you should make a habit of drinking this water?

Can you drink distilled water?


You might think, distilled water is used in labs and the medical field, it’s not drinkable. Let me tell you, it’s completely drinkable and safe. Because it’s not so common drinking water as purified water, but there is an option next time you are working in your lab and feel thirsty.

However, there are pros and cons, which we will describe here below.



Pros and Cons


Distilled water is super clean and it sounds cool though but there are some points we need to ponder. “Everything that glitters is not gold”.


  • Better in an area with contaminated water.
  • Zero chances of any contaminants in water.
  • It’s best for people with a low immune system.
  • If any bad chlorine smell, distillation removes it.


  • Due to distillation, left with absolutely no healthy minerals.
  • Distilled water tends to draw minerals from whatever it touches, like the plastic container.
  • You need to extra care of your teeth
  • It gets rids of minerals which are good for your body.
We highly recommend if you are drinking distilled water for hydration, you definitely need to eat plenty of minerals or supplements to make sure, you are meeting your daily mineral needs. Drinking a lot of distilled water is not an option, as it is not healthy in terms of minerals that are helpful to our body. 

Common uses


Other than using it in lab work or drinking, it has other uses. Like you can use it:

  • In a steam iron
  • In aquariums.
  • In  (CPAP) machines, which help with sleep apnea
  • Car cooling systems
  • For watering plants






Can you make distilled water at home?


You can make distilled water at home if anyone at your home is drinking this water!

Do you know that distillation kits are available in the market as well? But if you are smart enough, you can even do it yourself using:

  • A large pot of boiling water
  • A bowl
  • Some ice cubes




The method will depend on your use, for simple ironing or cleaning, you can use a pot, but if you are making drinking water or for aquarium, you need a lot of water. The easiest option is to go with a distillation kit.

Is distilled water good for babies?


if you are using it with baby formulas, you can use it and it’s a pretty good thing to do. Babies are sensitive and can not afford water with a lot of minerals, can upset their stomach. Better to not take any risk. In fact, they are getting the minerals from the formula itself.

What is purified water?


If you get rid of the impurities from your groundwater or tap water, you will get purified water.
  • Bacteria
  • Algae
  • Fungi
  • Parasites
  • Metals like copper and lead
  • Chemicals







Purification techniques


Here we are going to look into various techniques to have a purified water:
Reverse Osmosis: In this method the Water is streamed or pumped through a snazzy component that allows the water to flow through it. However, blocking the salt and other small particles to pass it.
Deionization: Talking about this one, it looks like a spelling bee to separate the impurities and salt molecule from the filter water.

Radiation:  Sounds scary right.? But hey! Don’t worry it not like that….

Good old-fashioned boiling: This one is so common, if you want to roll out the impurities just go for this one and boil the water.. simple one right!!!

Wanna filter the water at home.. Here you go..


It is very easy to purify your water at home at a basic level. What you really need is to get a brand new water filter and you are all done. But wait a minute! You want to purify all the water that enter in your house. The answer is simply to just spend some money to get a whole purification system at your door step.
I know right, that it will cost a lot but it is worth it because every inch of water that comes will be now purified for you. But before the setting up a system do verify from any laboratoy which test water quality. The system should have the certification it will be reliable for you to use it. Better you make sure of this.

Pros and cons


Let’s go down with some advantages and disadvantages of having purified water. Sounds crazy but you really want to know this!


  • Right! Purification benefits you by giving you a quality tap water to use or drink and it is very important if you are living in a area where water standards are not up to the mark.
  • You all will agree with this that the purified water tastes great.
  • Lastly, it is comparatively easy to make.


  • Eliminating impurities and different molecule is necessary but sometimes you need some particles like Floride to prevent tooth decay but purified water doesn’t contain it.
  • It is not necessary that purification will kick out all the contaminates there’s chance of having some amount of impurities in the purified water but that’s not the case with distilled water.
  • The whole filtration system you’re your attention and lots of maintenance to keep it in order.

Water quality and Health – What is the Connection?


We all have those school stories of believing that most of our human body is composed of water. Glad to hear this now that it was definitely true. Yes, 75% Of water so drinking water effectively with a continuous flow is very crucial for healthy living.
Consumption of good quality water is very necessary because it will keep you hydrous and cheerful, also aids with digestion and weight loss just by all the r blooming out the contaminants. Poor water will not only make you sick but can also damage your skin and hair. And, I am pretty much sure that you don’t want this…Right!
Good water condition is Very much critical if you want to be at your best condition. Bonus, It implies your humidifier will have a lot less limescale buildup.

Distilled vs. purified water: Which one to choose.


Get ready for the final round of deciding between purified and distilled water. Let’s see who’s going to win. Excited?
Speaking honestly, it’s the matter of someone’s individual preference but we can still look into the knowing which one will be better for us.


  • Speaking honestly, distillation is way more effective way to eliminate all the Extra contaminants present in your water.
  • Considering the folks who are immunocompromised, distilled water is best for them.
  • If you know how to use it effectively, it has variety of usage around the house.
  • When it comes to babies, all you want is super best for them. Here’s the relief you can combined the distilled water with baby’s formula.


  • This method will help you to kick out the impurities in the water but will keep the necessary healthy mineral components for you. Isn’t that great!
  • Oh GOD, it tastes so good and fresh.
  • It’s an easy way to do it at your home.
  • Should know this that it’s great for your hair, skin, and digestion.

Distilled vs the world

After a long messy battle between distilled and purified water we are have some other battles to fight. Wanna guess? Distilled water is back to fight against.
Get ready to witness a comparison with spring and mineral water. Both distilled and purified water are still in row.

Spring water against distilled water

Speaking of spring water which usually gathered from an underground source, so it’s is obvious that it doesn’t go through treatment methods. All you need it to grab a bottle and fill it with the fresh spring water. Yes, it is pure just as distilled water but it does have millions of nutrients in it.
Before grabbing a spring water bottle. Do check it’s label it is very important because some bottles found to have treated tap water in it but tagged as spring water. Sounds creepy right?

Mineral water vs. distilled vs. purified


Mineral water is similar to spring water they both found underground but mineral water is shield against any likely contamination.
The only visible variance between them is that the mineral water do contain some amount of minerals in it, making it marginally artificial than spring water but of good quality and standards. Containing minerals do make it more alike to purified water But not distilled water bit still not in the line for it.

Takeaway: Note to yourself

This long talk between distilled or purified water will last forever. However, it just a matter of personal choices when it comes to an individual.
Okay, no more fights. But you need to understand that both are good but depends entirely in your situation and condition. Like, while referring earlier that distilled water can be use with baby formula but when your kid is grown up child then the distilled water for him is of no use.
Just remember that before picking any one form both of them do seek with your medical professional and consider your needs as well. After that you are ready to choose which is best for you and then you will the . Just be aware of that.
Consider your needs or consult a medical professional to see which type of water would be best for you. Choose the right one and You will be on top.

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