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Have you heard about cramping after sex…here’s for you? Imagine yourself on the bed, after a hard play with your beu what should you do, the answer would be just admiring the past few minutes of love but what if that love left you with sex cramps. Seems the imagination thing also sound hurtful Right?
Looking at the bigger picture, yes many people among us have gone through and will experience these after sex effects like cramps. Interestingly, out of 10, every 1 woman will have cramps after sex, British research has found that.
It doesn’t matter when cramps happen it causes the same and even more pain every time. Today we will gonna look at why people have cramps especially after having sex and how to get rid of this to feel fresh and bright.

The reason behind these Sex cramps…

Speaking about cramps people usually think of menstrual cramps but hold on guys there are other cramps that do happen with both men and women after having sex. But it’s more common with women. After all, women are stronger just kidding 😂

For one’s with a vagina, Sex Cramps can be because of;

Urinary tract infection

UTI while sex, yeah it might be one of the reasons for feeling distress cramps. Moreover, not only cramps but your UTI can also treat you harshly if you don’t avoid enjoying when UTI is here.

The bladder, very common to all is way before your uterus so during sex, it is possible for the urethra to interact with some unwanted bacteria that come from the anus of the genital causing severe infection.

Deep penetration

Every time it’s not a thing to worry about because it could be a sign of deep penetration. Yeah, having loud and intimate fun can lead to cramps. The action of penetration through the cervix might cause some cramping.

Look at your partner, he’s might be the reason

Semen might be behind the curtain. It might be the reason because seems to contain a harmony called prostaglandin. If this substance enters into you while sex and if you are sensitive to it you might be experiencing cramps.
A cyst

Growing out cysts on your ovaries are very frequent and inoffensive. But still, you need to think about this that they exist down there and can cause severe.

Check your calendar might be your days are near

Obviously, periods and cramps are so interlinked. But sex while you on your periods can add up to the pain of cramps. 

You’re ovulating

Ovulating is related to ovaries, this is the stage approx 2 weeks before your period is lined up. This is stage leads to potential pregnancy when an egg is ejected for fertilization. You can ill not get cramps while you are having sex but once’s done you will definitely need to calm.

Uterine fibroids refer to benign growths that arise from the uterus muscle. It doesn’t need to cause any pain however, you might be feeling those cramps because of fibroids while intercourse.


A muscle around the vaginal cavity is known as vaginismus. It happens because of entering something or while inserting the male part into the vagina.

Speaking honestly, it causes pain very frequently at both timings during and after sex. Sounds so stressful what to do man😒

Your IUD

Your uterus has a tiny body in it called IUD which is very necessary for prevent birth control, but keep in your mind that it’s not a part of your body it’s a foreign supply. That is why IUD can cause discomfort to you after sex if IUD changes its location.

Pelvic inflammatory disease
One of the reasons for these cramps after sex is sometimes because of the deadly infection pelvic inflammatory so beware of that and consult your health professional for its cure.


Endometriosis is known for causing severe pain as the tissues inside your uterus emerges out. Let me tell you this can lead to harsh pain after sex.
Your anatomy

Don’t overthink about these cramps sometimes it happens because your body is in such a way that it leads to cramps. Like, if your uterus is slanted you will definitely extreme cramps after sex. So chill out guys…


Early pregnancy

Just like periods, early weeks of pregnancy will also give you so many things to buckle up and one of them is these little cramps.


For one’s with Penis, read this…


This term is related to the burning of the prostate gland. Talking about both scenarios of during sex or after sex if your glands inflamed it can boost the chances of getting cramps.

It might also be…


This feeling of getting orgasms can excite many of us but sometimes it can irritate you because orgasm is just muscle tightening, which feels like a heavy force. So yeah, orgasm might be the culprit behind these unwanted cramps after sex.


Sexually transmitted infections


STIs is a very common term for all of us we are aware of how dangerous it is. The focus point here is that STIs don’t show any kind of symptoms so before taking ahead do consult your health professionals to avoid cramps and other transmitted infections.


Irritable bowel syndrome

Thinking of waiting so much on the toilet because of this god damn constipation and gas. I can bet the feeling would not be great I know it sucks because it can also cause cramps after and even during sex.


Emotional trauma

This is a hard one. The people who survive sexual harassment can feel pain and cramps while having sex. I know it is difficult to hold but this shall too pass.


Hey, listen out if you feel this please contact your health care they can guide you in this manner.


How to feel better ASAP


Okay, so if you want to know how to get a quick remedy to your cramps first of all you need to focus on the WHY they are happening and in what situation does it occur. After this, you can have a bigger picture of how to get rid of it.


Switch it up

The simplest way is to change your way of sleeping not sleeping patterns but your positions. Yeah, position matters a lot even in sleeping 😂 seems you are getting my point.

Shifting the position in which less amount of stress or force lies on your cervix so you don’t feel cramps, Second, before trying any new exciting do search for it like you and your partner are comfortable with it. Believe me, this will help….

Wait it out

These cramps are just for sometimes and they are normal so if you are not doing anything it’s completely okay. Just give some time it will disappear on its own and you are back to energy ⚡

Take over-the-counter meds

If you are feeling pain that is not bearable take OTC medication, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Don’t worry they are going to make you feel better and even prevent these cramps to happen at all after sex.

Add some heat

One more easy way is to run toward your restroom and have a relaxing hot bath, if not a hot shower heating pad can also use to ease the muscle pain and bring the freshness again.

Go to therapy

There are tons of reasons behind experiencing cramps after sex but if you feel the reason to be any kind of trauma. Then, You need to consult you licensed health therapist who can help you with this.

When to see a doctor

It’s really important to figure out when to seek help from the doctor. These cramps during it after sex will disappear as quick as it comes but it will take time. However, if it happens all the time and the pain is severe with fever or bleeding then you have to consult a doctor.

You should go to a doctor if your pain is severe, happens all the time, or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as bleeding, fever, discharge, or other signs of an infection.


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