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12 Benefits of Sleeping Naked | Naked Truth

You must be wearing a night suit to bed. Let me tell you, you are missing some of the best benefits of sleeping naked. Yes, this is the naked truth.

As we already know, and experts also suggest, we to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. I don’t mean to reserve these hours only for weekends or having few shots. I mean every day you need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

Getting better sleep is very important for us, for our body to function properly, for our health. Sleeping naked can get you one step further to better health and life, so why not try it?


So, let’s dig into the 12  benefits of sleeping naked, so that next time you are in your bedroom, you would probably be thinking to get some extra health benefits when you wake up in the morning.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

1.  Better Sleep

Getting your eyes shut in low temperature can do miracles and study has also proved that. So sleep natural, sleep naked. Do you know the ideal or best bedroom temperature for sleep? The national sleep foundation suggests having a temperature of around 67°F (15.6 to 19.4°C).

So, that means, if you sleep naked, you are going to cool down your body even more, which can ultimately help to sleep better. Do you know that our skin is a good barrier to temperature, it can insulate our body and helps in getting deep sleep when the temperature drops.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, if there is any power shortage of our AC stops working in summer, you often wake up kicking off your bedsheet covers. It because your body wants to lose temperature and cool down. Most of the bedsheets, bedcovers and clothing that disturb our sleep and study in the year 2012 has also proved this.

So, get naked, instead of turning down the thermostat, or turning on the Air conditioner.

2. Fall asleep Faster

When your lower your body temperature, you will fall asleep faster. There is a circadian rhythm in your body that directs your body when to sleep and when to wake up. So, body temperature affects this rhythm. Lower body temperature means it will direct the body to sleep faster and high temperature means you are already disturbed.

So, now you already know about the biological clock, which helps through the stages of sleep, which are important for good night sleep.

A study has also proved that sleeplessness or insomnia is directly linked to body temperature and skin. A study has shown that people with insomnia or sleeplessness had high body temperature than the people who were getting good sleep.

3. Get rid of diseases

Who does not like sleep? Is there anyone? Sleep is very important for our body; it simply recharges us for the next day. If normal sleep can benefit you this much, sleeping nude could impact your health massively.

Not getting enough sleep can impact your immune system, will make you more vulnerable to diseases and you will never feel refresh all day. Your office mates will be waking you up, saying (Wake you John).

Sleeping naked can also prevent you from other internal diseases. Not getting enough sleep, can put your health at risk and issues. Not enough sleep means getting these health issues in your body:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Heart disease

4. You will feel the Glow

Sleep can affect your skin health as well. Sleep stimulates collagen production, which can give you glowing skin. Not getting enough sleep means, your cortisol level is going to rise. It can stress you out as well as will disturb your collagen production.

Getting enough sleep can heal your skin wounds faster. Strange right, but true. A study has also proved this. We can say that sleep is the key to better health, and if that is even better, if naked, then why not, I think we will all strip down for better skin at least.

5. Improve your Mental health

Better sleep means less stress, and if it’s courtesy of getting naked, it can do wonders, it can calm your stress levels, you will feel less anxiety and will boost your mental health.

I hope you remember the cortisol we mentioned earlier? This is actually a stress hormone, which rises whenever you miss your sleep or not get enough sleep. When this hormone rises, it can mess with your health.

Stress level can disturb your sleep cycle and will make you more susceptible to sleeplessness. That means there is a relationship between anxiety and sleep. A more shocking study in mid-2014 has found that bad sleep means, higher suicide rate.

6. It improves your metabolism

You were looking for, how to burn calories. Simply Sleep. Yeah, that’s true. Burn your calories while you are asleep. But, to get this special offer, you need to have a healthy eating habit and exercise. If you do this, sleeping naked can help in weight loss, because sleeping naked gets your body temperature down.

A study has found that bedtime temperature can affect our body fat. People sleeping at cooler temperature had increased metabolism and gained brown fat in their body.

Brown fat is good fat in your body, which regulate our body temperature and whenever energy is needed for the body burns calories for energy.

7. A healthier vagina (not for boys)

You can keep your bits healthy and happy if sleep naked. Some women are very prone to yeast infections and you get rid of that bummer yeast infection by just going naked. Your panties are warm and sweaty at night and can cause yeast infection. Throw them away before you go to sleep and your vag will be much cooler and will treat you well.

8. It can improve male fertility (not for girls)

Who can deny that with time the men’s fertility power is declining, but why so? One of the profound reasons is these very tight undergarments. Yeah! Wearing skin-tight underwear is the reason. Poor man…

This reason was validated by research held in 2018, claiming that those males who wear tight underwear are of not good use, on the other hand, those males who wore boxers have much great fertility.

Another major reason is the uneven sleep cycle that has an impact on your sperm count. A study also claimed this by the experiment on 953 Danish men, which confirmed that there is a connection between bad sleep and semen quality.

According to that experiment, the participants who don’t have a good sleep time have a 29% lower sperm concentration and talking about the quality which is lower up to 1.6%.

Oh, boys, if you really love your sperms and know how valuable they are, just don’t wear anything or maybe a light, a soft boxer can also work. Moreover, sleep well, because both things support to reduce the heat of the testicles, which then improve your sperm count and will make them a good quality one.

9. Great opportunity of feeling closer to your partner

The moment when you feel your partner is something beyond expressing, the sensation of closeness will definitely encourage you to feel more connected towards your partner moreover, it strengthens your bond as well.

A big shout out to the hormone that releases, because of skin interaction known as “Oxytocin”, a cuddle hormone. Believe me or not this very hormone makes you feel more carefree and stress-free. Cuddles and sex are good options if you want this hormone to activate.

10. Sleeping naked means more sex

Who doesn’t love to have more sex, and being naked add more to it? You get me right, before going for a night of deep sleep, why not take some time to enjoy.

Sleeping naked brings more chances to have more extra pleasant sex, as the hormones will already be active and heated it will give you a delightful feeling and stress-free sleep.

11. Right, Being naked has to do with raising self-esteem and positive body image.

Positivity and self-esteem are some of the attributes a nudist claimed, they might be right.

Yeah! We all somehow know that sleeping naked benefits you to boost your self-confidence. However, there’s a completely scientific, theological theory behind the happiness which came into being due to nakedness.

So what’s the theory, it says that the people who are naked in front of a large number of gatherings have self-positive body images. How? Because their bodies can be viewed by others that give them a sense of acceptance as they are, like others are accepting them as they are, this allows them to feel self-confident and give them a sense of comfort.

It is very crucial to love yourself as then anyone can love you. Looking at your own body before you are in bed will help you to reconnect with yourself and with more love, happiness, and confidence when you will wake up the next day.

So what you guys are imagining go to bed and leave your clothes in your wardrobe and sleep.😍


Sleeping naked means, better sleep or at least it can improve your sleep. Give it a try, but we must say that, sleeping naked is not the cure for all your issues, especially sleep-related issues. Sleeping naked is already offering you lots of health benefits and preventing you from a lot of diseases.

We recommend you save your colourful pyjamas and save them for Sunday mornings. Save your money as well on fancy, velvety night suits, naked sleep is already leading you to better sleep, health and sex.

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