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Why You Should Be Peeing in the Shower | Safety | Hygiene

Today we are going to tell you a secret, that you will never be concerned about toilet paper. Peeing in the Shower. Weird, right? But it’s true. I pee in the shower and I guess you should too if you don’t.

One more thing I want to tell you, during Covid-19 I was not concerned about stockpiling toilet papers when everyone was reacting to the early days of the pandemic. Because I knew this secret.

Do not think you are alone, above 60 % of American people pee while they are in the shower. Some of the famous stars have revealed this secret.


Peeing in the Shower Saves Water

Do you know that you can save water if you start peeing in the shower? Let me tell you some figures. Flushing the toilets can use up to 7 gallons of water on average and if your toilet is old, it may use even more. Each day we consume 60 gallons of water for an average peeing time of 20 seconds. Weir facts I know.

How much water is released if the shower is opened for 1 minute? 2-3 gallons. That’s a huge number. I am sorry for reminding you of your school day mathematics. So, practically, you will be using 0.8 gallons of water, if you pee in the shower. You will see the difference in your water bills at the end of the month.

I am asking of you to become completely a shower tinkler. That not practical and of course no one can be. And you also do not need to shower every time when you need to pee or extend the shower time for peeing. What I am saying is, you can be multitasking when there is an opportunity.

Experts suggest that you should be peeing at the first stages of the shower, or before washing your head. This is a passive cleaning process or technique. Because while showering, the soap and running water can clean you up, without having to do much else.

It is recommended to rinse the shower floor thoroughly afterwards. Hot water can create moisture and yeast can grow with other bacteria. So, rinse the floor with hot water once done with showering.

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Toilet Paper…Heavy on your wallet and Environment

We know the fact that all paper comes from wood (virgin wood). I guess no one of us wants to flush forests down our toilets every day. We know the risks of deforestation, we are literally putting flora, fauna and people at total risk. We are destroying the natural habitat. Millions of trees are cut down each year so that we could clean our butts.

The United States of America, the largest country in toilet paper consumption. According to an estimate, each year 140 toilet rolls are consumed by each person. Each year, toilet paper making industries cut above 1 million acres of forests for making toilet papers. That means, while peeing in the shower you are contributing towards a sustainable environment.

So, pee, while showering. It’s economical, it’s environmentally friendly, and you can cut down your monthly expenses. The United States is in the second number in toilet paper making after China. We are pretty much sure that you will need a roll of paper every month once you start peeing in the shower.

It’s Hygienic to Peeing in the Shower

According to research, toilet papers can cause skin irritation, and leave behind residue and bacteria. Do not use poor quality toilet papers, or do not use them frequently. They can lead to skin problems. It is recommended to wash with water as it is gentler in private areas. Water is the best cleaner for urine, faeces and other organisms.

If you think peeing in the shower is a male thing you are absolutely wrong. This will help you to not spread the urine bacteria by moving back and forth. You will be shocked to hear this out when you are peeing while standing you are likely to splash urine drop up to your eyes, approx 5 feet to any side of you. So, Basically, it’s better to pee while you are in the shower.

“The idea of passing urine while you are in the shower is a good one because the running water will subdue the black plash of urine and it will directly pass out,” Said Gupta. Interesting to know this right?

Your shower will not be contaminated

If you have a pee habit during the shower and you are staying with your roommate, let them know that they don’t need to bug you about it. Chill you guys the urine is not sterile, you and your roommates have nothing to worry about.

Talking about the sterility, as the urine passes out through your urethra it loses all its power. Good to know, urine is mainly water, with some other constituents like electrolytes, urea, and other wastes. Thinking about infection, urine doesn’t let any infection, but does have some bacteria in it, say’s Gupta.

If your roommates are angry with you over the urine issue, assure them to don’t think about you. All you need is to have a large quantity of water to wash out urine, even if it comes in contact with your skin, there is no chance of getting any kind of infection, Claimed Gupta.

However, he also suggested that when you are going through a urinary tract infection try to avoid peeing in the shower. Second, cleaning and sanitizing the shower is very important in any case. Don’t forget to wash your shower along with your hands 🤣😂

You should know when to say NO to Pee

We have concluded that peeing in the shower is completely fine and normal. But, everything around you has, certain rules to follow same goes with this pee system. The first and most important rule is that you are not permitted to go for number 2 during the shower.

It’s a big no, even if you run out of toilet paper just look for another alternative. But don’t go for it in the shower it’s hygienic and you don’t want to get an infection right? So listen to us and don’t poop.

I know your shower is your property and you are free to pee in it, but don’t consider any other place as your business. Public spaces and swimming pools are not made for your pee.

We all have this knowledge that pool water contains a chemical called chlorine so if you urinated in the pool, the pee will combine with chlorine to form another toxic chemical known as cyanogen chloride. This chemical is then burned your eyes and is not good for your nose and lungs.

Peeing in your shower with running water is a harmless act, but that’s the opposite when you are in the pool so it’s better to think hundred times before you think of peeing in the pool.

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