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Portobello Mushrooms Benefits & Nutrition | Recipes

Portobello mushrooms are one of the most versatile food exist on earth. Roast them, grill them, make a salad, or make your dinner, no doubt the stars of the fungus world. Let’s find out the Nutritions present in Portobello Mushrooms and their benefits.

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Calories in a Portobello Mushrooms?

FYI: Do you know how many calories do one Portobello Mushroom contain? It’s approx. 19 calories. Huge right. The best thing is, these  Mushrooms are fat-free…. yes, no cholesterol at all. What can be better than this?

Reading all this we hope that, you have already fallen in love with these Mushrooms. You can enjoy these shrooms by getting all the health benefits.

Stay with us, we are going to unveil all the secrets related to these mushrooms. Tips, recipes, and the health benefits you can get.

Nutritions in Portobello Mushroom

Before consuming these Mushrooms, you should know the nutrients data and hope that you will be pleased to see the nutrients they are going to offer us.

Nutrient vs Amount

  • Calories (18.5)
  • Water (78 g)
  • Carbs (3.25 g)
  • Protein (1.77 g)
  • Sugar (2.1 g)
  • Fibre (1.09 g)
  • Fat (0.294 g)
  • Potassium (306 mg)
  • Selenium (15.6 µg)
  • Niacin (3.77 mg)
  • Vitamin D (8.4 IU)

What are the Benefits of Portobello Mushrooms

The benefits of these mushrooms are endless. Besides their calorie count and all the minerals and vitamins, there are other benefits of putting portobello mushrooms in your shopping bucket.

When it comes to antioxidant foods, mushrooms are on top of the list. Not this family of mushrooms, indeed all mushrooms contain antioxidants, which help to fight against free radicals in our body.

Free radicals are not good for your health. They keep disturbing your body all the time. They combine with other unstable similar friends and make clusters and start damaging the body. The process through which they damage our body is called, oxidative stress and sometimes this condition can lead to other health conditions, which I am sure you don’t want, like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and Parkinson diseases.

Antioxidants reduce the effects of oxidative stress, and this makes them our BFFs. Some of the benefits of Portobello Mushrooms you may get.

  • Preventing Cancer. A study has suggested that antioxidants present in mushrooms are pretty useful in reducing cancer risks. We are hoping that more research will be carried out and will prove that mushrooms can fight cancer.
  • Amino acids. For a better immune system, we need proteins, and mushrooms provide us with the building block of proteins, amino acids. Proteins provide us with energy, help us in improving the immune system. If you are in good mood always, proteins and amino acids are behind them. Mushrooms are full of amino acids with giving you the taste at the same time. So, do not wait and consume as much as possible.
  • Boosting your fibre intake. Do you know that mushrooms are a good source of fibre? We all know the importance of fibre to our body. Mushroom can give a boost to your fibre intake. Fibres are good for a healthy heart and also prevent the body from diabetes. Either you have a constipation problem or depression, the mushroom can fix all your issues.

Mushroom can be a good source of vitamin D, iron and potassium, especially during pregnancy. Knowing all this, there isn’t any reason not to eat them.

Meat Substitute

If you are looking for food that is free of animal products, mushrooms can be a good choice for you. We have seen how versatile mushrooms are, especially portobellos. Either their size or flavour, they are the kings in the shroom family.

The texture is almost meaty, dense, and perfectly blends with other vegetables when cooked. So, if you are the one who is looking for a meat substitute, now it’s easy for you to choose. These mushrooms are the perfect substitute for meat. In recent years mushrooms have become more valuable as a functional food, which means providing nutrients and lots of health benefits.

If you love the roasted flavour, you can grill them, like steak. They go well with cheese and noodles and can be transformed into a meal. They are big enough. Yeah!

How to store, Prep, Cook Portobello Mushrooms?

Storage is very important. You need to treat them well before converting them into your favourite dish. You might already know that mushrooms are by nature very clinging, once you will treat them well, then you expect to be rewarded well.

How to store mushrooms

Storing mushrooms correctly is very important. Talking about Portobello mushrooms, they are good to use for a week if kept in the fridge. If you smell or found the mushrooms, turning muddy they have to go in the bin.

If you wanna keep your mushrooms for a long time you can do it. How? The answer would depend upon the packaging of the mushrooms. Plastic-packed mushrooms are all you need to look for, but if you are purchasing them on your own you have to keep them in a paper bag or towel.

In this way, you will have your mushrooms for a longer run.😊

Now let’s move towards the next step; Preparation…..

Storing the mushrooms was the first step in the line the next one is to cut them and eat a lot…

Don’t worry about the flavour, washing doesn’t affect the taste of mushrooms it keeps them clean and good for eating. Just dry them with a paper towel and then eat.

You can also choose whether or not to scrape the gills out (the brown frilly bits underneath the cap). The reason to cut them out is that they discolour the other ingredients, otherwise, there is no additional purpose to cut the gills.

Remember, it’s entirely up to you…


If you are into cooking Portobello mushrooms you have a variety of doors open for you to prepare it in your way.

You will find mushrooms in various dishes, like Omelete in which just shoot the fried mushrooms over it and enjoy. But if you want to eat an original portobello mushroom, just grill them because it will add a meaty texture to it.

Some Recipes of Portobello Mushroom.

You are all ready to cook them, let’s begin…

Stuffed portobello mushrooms with crispy goat cheese.

The combo of cheese and stuff mushrooms are on the top of every one choice. Moreover, the addition of goat cheese makes it a more special one.

Portobello mushroom pizzas.

Who doesn’t like pizzas, now you will love pizza with portobello mushrooms. A must-try.

Caprese stuffed portobello mushrooms.

You have heard about Caprese salad right? What if you can have your salad and portobello mushrooms together. Yummy Right?🤣

Grilled portobello mushroom steaks.

This one is for one who loves meat texture, so go for it.

Portobello mushroom burger.

Burgers are my fav💖 so thumbs up for this burger without meat…

Pasta with portobello mushrooms.

I can feel the taste while reading this pasta and portobello mushrooms, what a great idea 😍

Teriyaki portobello mushroom kebabs.

Never-ending love for BBQ is something else. Call out your friends and enjoy these mushroom kebabs with a spicy movie.😎

Points to take away

All-time meat is not good, so you should find a good alternative for it. Portobello mushrooms are your choice to go with, it’s not only healthy but also has fewer calories so why not go for it. They are easy to make, grill them, roast them, stuff them, or sauté them and then they are ready at the plate to enjoy.🤞

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