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Circumcision Scars | How to Treat & Prevent

Circumcision is the first surgical procedure just after birth to remove the penis foreskin. Circumcision scars may appear after this procedure.

Male circumcision is carried out by a surgeon or a religious leader, depends on the context and culture. The techniques used to perform this particular procedure will determine how deep scars you will receive.

How to reduce Circumcision Scars?

Just follow your doctor’s advice to prevent the scars. After circumcision, try to reduce the irritation, which may delay the healing process. Avoid:

  • Avoid friction.
  • Always wear loose underwear.
  • Maintain good hygiene and keep the area clean.

You can opt for other Treatments

  • Use Oils to reduce scars
  • Creams (Lightening Creams)
  • Taking Vitamin E Supplements
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Circumcision Scars…How to Get Rid of them?

These are the best aftercare methods to reduce the risk of getting scars.

For infants

The best practice of circumcision is just after birth. The reason being, infants recover very fast. Still care is needed after this procedure in infants.

Change the bandage on daily basis. According to a study, in infants, the healing process can take up to 10 to 12 days. Maintain good hygiene and try to wash baby’s penis on daily basis with soapy water.

Pro Tip: Petroleum jelly can reduce diaper irritation. Just apply it to the head of the baby’s penis. Your baby will be in peace.

For Children & Adults

After the circumcision procedure, try to take the best care of your penis. What you can do:

  • You can wash your penis with warm soapy water, and continue this process for several days.
  • Wear loose underwears to prevent any tidiness and friction. Boxers can be the best option.

Forget Sex for at least one month

The best advice can be taken from your doctor. According to a study after circumcision, refrain from sex for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Depend on the healing process, it may take more than one month.

Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgy is not the best option, because it does not remove your scars completely. Ask any specialist before going for this procedure, they can give you the best advice on where to start and will also suggest the best plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Other OTC treatments

Some stubborn scars do no go even after a lot of care. We are going to share some over the counter ways to treat circumcision scars.

  • Creams (Lightening). Creams can help to reduce scars and discolouration. Before applying it to your penis skin, see if your skin is sensitive enough to bear the creams. Avoid if the skin is sensitive because the products can be a bit harsh and may affect the surrounding skin as well.
  • Scar oils. Some oils available in the market are also helpful in reducing the appearance of scars. These oils are hydrating oils, but before applying ask your doctor for better advice. Because each product can behave differently with the skin.
  • Vitamin E. Vitamin E is always for skin, either it is face skin or your penis skin. Lightening creams contain vitamin E, but specifically, you can buy vitamin E creams, which will nourish the skin and help in reducing the scars.

All the above products are available in stores to buy, but before buying consult your doctor for suggestions and best advice.

Avoid Allergenic Products- Skin Patch Test

Have you heard about the patch test? It’s a test to see if any skin product causes any itching, swelling or any other allergy. Likewise, before applying creams, oils and other products to your penis skin, do a patch test. You do not want to burn your penis, right?

How to do the patch test:

  • First, apply the product to the inside of your forearm
  • Now cover the applied area with a bandage and leave it for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours if you do not get any skin allergy (swelling, burning or itching) you can use it, otherwise not.

Before applying to your skin, you can also consult a dermatologist for better advice.

Different techniques of foreskin removal and scar risk

There are different ways to remove the foreskin, in different parts of the world. In some parts, religious clerics do this job and in some parts of the world, this procedure is done by surgeons. So the scars will depend on who does the circumcision, and what technique is being used.

Infant Circumcision Techniques

Many babies around the world go through this procedure. According to a report, 58% of infants are from the US. Imagine the figures. Very strangely, there is no particular age for this procedure. According to culture and place, this procedure is carried out.

1. Gomco Clamp

In this procedure, the doctor uses a device to push down the foreskin and place a bell-shaped cover on the head of the penis. once the skin is over the head, the clamp cuts off the blood flow. Last, a blade is used to cut the foreskin.

2. Mogen clamp

The foreskin of the penis is pulled away from the penis head. The second step is to insert the foreskin into a metal clamp to cut the blood flow. Finally, the skin can be removed with a blade.

3. Plastibell device

A plastic bell shape device is placed between the head and foreskin of the penis. instead of the clamp, a plastic ring is used to cut the blood flow. A blade is used to remove the skin finally. The ring is left there and falls off within few days.

Adult Circumcision Techniques

In some religions of the world like Islam, Judaism, circumcision procedure is done during infancy. In Islam, just after a month babies go through this procedure. But in some parts of the world adults can still opt to cut peens cut. And the most popular procedures are below.

1. Shield and clamp

Mogen and Gomco, both techniques are used for male circumcision. In this shield and clamp method doctor use other devices for clamping and cut the skin.

A protective shield is put over the penis head first. A clamp mechanism is used to cut off the blood supply. a blade is then used to cut the skin. clamp stays in its place for weeks and the foreskin falls off with the clamp.

2. Excision

  • Firstly, the foreskin above your penis head will be pulled by your doctor.
  • A knife then is practised to cut your foreskin.
  • Finally, the last thing that is stitching will be carried out so that the remaining skin can easily be joined to your shaft.

3.Dorsal slit

At nearly 12 o’clock the doctor will start by creating a tiny incision in your foreskin.

Don’t worry it is just the startup and preparing for other methods involved in the procedure. Plus, the dorsal slit will provide more area for the use of surgical devices like a shield.

Nowadays, the doctor would not use this dorsal slit method alone because it can cause scarring, a 2013 research has claimed this. It only cuts your foreskin, but it leaves it attached. If a patient is suffering inflammation, the surgeon may perform a dorsal slit without further testing.

Do circumcision scars diminish?

Circumcision healing can approximately demand a few weeks, kid health stated. If you notice swelling or discolouration, don’t panic they are absolutely normal following the whole procedure. Plus, you will also encounter raised skin or bumps near the incision.

Other aftereffects of the procedure like itching and discomfort will fade away once you will heal up. Don’t worry about the scar it will go with time approx to 2 to 3 years, so be patient all of you…

PSA: Don’t smoke after the procedure because recovery will take more time than usual.

How do circumcision scars seem?

There’s a lot of post-treatment stuff which includes lumps, bumps, and discolouration. Moreover, you should know that all circumcision scars don’t look like same.

1. Tissue

Yeah, operation marks can indeed harden your skin. Usually, the scar tissue shortens over time, if it doesn’t it can give you bumps.

2. Stitch scars

After the procedure which includes the clamp or excision technique, stitches will be carried out to you to reattach the operated skin.

Stitches need to be done perfectly, otherwise, it can give you more extra scarring.

3. Keloids

The scar might be scary sometimes because it can form keloids (a tumour tissue)

Don’t panic, they are very rare too because, but if the conditions are critical a surgery will be carried out to eliminate keloids.

4. Discoloration

If you notice the skin tone around the circumcision a bit different from the rest of the skin. Don’t worry about that cuz it’s normal.

Eventually, the difference in skin tone will be balanced out but it will take some time.

Points to takeaway

Many medical surgeries left you with scars, the same works with male circumcision, which is a method to remove the foreskin from the penis.

To get cleared of circumcision scars, you don’t need to go looking out for a doctor You can say bye to those scars by yourself too…

You have cosmetic surgery option in your pocket but why go for that if you can easily prevent scars to happen just by taking care after the surgery. This is all you need to do…

The most important thing is to love your little one, after all, it’s all you have.😂

Remember that penises exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, but yours is the only one you have, so look after it.



(This content including advice provides common information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. JOLTYOURBUDS does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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