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Can I Eat Expired Eggs? | Eggs Go Bad

Can I eat expired Eggs? Weird Question right, wait, you need to ask this question as well, do eggs expire? Don’t scratch your head. Just Relax, we are going to answer all your questions, related to eggs going bad. Don’t crack that egg, it’s expired. Can you really eat an expired egg? Let’s find out.

Can We Eat Expired Eggs
by joltyourbuds

Can I eat Expired Eggs?

It depends on how you store eggs, otherwise, they are going to convert into salmonella bacteria time bombs. If you store eggs, the way they should be, they can be stored for weeks and months. How to store them, that’s the questions.

The basic rule is temperature, store them below 7°C (44.5°F) or simply freeze them. The temperature should be consistent for eggs, and the best place in the refrigerator is at the back of it, where the temperature is most consistent. Try to finish the stock in three weeks, don’t save your eggs for months. If eggs are cooked and stayed out for more than 1 or 2 hours, “DO NOT EAT” them.

Do not eat eggs, that looks like, they have simply gone bad.

  • If the shell is cracked⊗
  • See inside, if the colour has changed from normal
  • Closely look at the shell, if powdery or slimy patches have appeared
  • If the egg is smelly…Ughhh…⊗

You should know the different techniques and methods to spot an expired egg and also know how to store them safely and see if they are fresh enough to eat.

You still be confused and might be asking this question “Can I eat expired eggs”?

No, you shouldn’t, not even eggs but any food which is expired.
But the good thing about eggs is that they can be stored for weeks and last for weeks if they are stored the right way, despite their expiry date. EGG-CEPTION right?

Eggs Last for….???????

Do buy eggs from stores where eggs are properly refrigerated. They can last for several weeks if you store them correctly. Safe handling and transport are also important. Once brought home, store them below 4°C (40°F). As explained earlier they should be stored at the back of the fridge. A study has also suggested that eggs with consistent temperature can help to fight against bad bacteria.

FYI: Why eggs are stored in a carton? Have you ever thought that? Yes safety, other than that the carton protects the eggs from absorbing nearby odours. I guess no one wants a smelly egg Omellete. 🤮

Fresh Eggs from the Farm

Do you that eggs after taking a bath can last for few days, and without a bath, they can last for a week. Strange right. Exactly this way you can figure out how long farm eggs will last. If they have taken a bath, try to make Omellete the next morning.

A freshly laid egg has protein film around it, and act like a barrier, which protects the eggs inside from bad bacteria. So do not wash your eggs next time and keep the way it is. If removed, the egg may lose the barrier.

  • If Washed. Must store in the refrigerator, otherwise, they will expire. If stored properly, they’ll last weeks.
  • If not washed. You can store it at room temperature. They will last for at least They’ll last  2 weeks.

If eggs are not refrigerated, the quality may drop after one week. Do not eat expired eggs, there is always a health risk. A study has also proved that after 21 days eggs get starts to expire if not refrigerated. Once cooked, eat them, you can keep them for 2 hours even.

Freeze Eggs if Possible

If you want to store them for some weeks, freeze them. Do you know that eggs can last for even years if you store below -18°C (0°F)? according to a study.

FYI: Try to store eggs in a food container or bags with zips. Before freezing eggs, crack them.

Float Test

Whether an egg is suitable to eat or not, to check this go for a float test.

While the egg becomes old, the concern came that is, the moisture leaves the egg, so to fill the void air invades the egg making it float.

It is not always correct. Even if an egg sinks to the bottom of the bowl, it can still be dangerous to consume, according to a study. If it rises, however, it’s certainly going bad.

How to do the Float Test?

  • A filling bowl will be needed at room temperature.
  • Put the egg in that bowl, but do not break it.
  • If it sinks to the bottom of the watery bowl you are all okay to have that egg.
  • If it floats, you have to take that egg to your bin.

How to know the eggs are rotten

Expiry dates are crucial for any kind of stuff, the same goes with egg cartons. Check carefully the dates on it and then use them, still, you can use eggs after the expiry date if you have followed the vital steps for safe storage.

Let’s see various other’s methods to simply put your egg to test…

  • kindly see if the shell is cracked or not
  • Do look for inside colour it should not be discoloured.
  • Look for muddy or dusty spots on the shell.

You could also perform a smell test. An odourless egg is ideal for a breakfast sandwich. One that smells like low tide on a summer day, is a big no-no.

If you get this from your parents that your partner seems like a bad egg do look for some dusty patches on his/her jacket. Just kidding 😜

You should always cook your eggs

Usually, a good smell and a good appearance, are the checklist, to be a good egg, but it’s not the case all the time, so to remain on the safe side, do cook your egg every time to get rid of any kind of bacteria. At the egg safety centre, the expert says that the safe temperature to cook your egg is 71°C (160°F).

Egg storage

The important risk of eating a bad or uncooked egg is to get food poisoning, mainly salmonella. The research also claimed that the salmonella bacteria grow inside the yolk, the white portion, and even on the shell, so do look for it before you eat.

Here are some unwanted symptoms of salmonella;

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Puking
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea


It is okay to eat eggs that have been expired if you put the eggs correctly in storage.

If the egg passes the float or smells test, then cook it and eat it, but it does not, you know where it should be of course in the dustbin.

Tip: Keep your eggs at the backside of your fridge for using them for a longer time.

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