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A versatile ingredient of Asian cuisine but at the same time complex one.  Recipes for Black Garlic are now part of other countless culinary cultures. The good thing is, it works well in every culture. First, we should know what is black garlic?

Isn’t it black garlic sounds like a fancy kitchen-type thing? But to your amaze black garlic is just ordinary old garlic that’s been processed through fermentation.

Therefore the meaty side of garlic turns out to be black like charcoal after the fermentation. However, does this black garlic have some benefits for us? Yeah, it is😊



The transformation in garlic taste and texture is all because of fermentation, making the garlic more creamy and yummy. That’s why this black garlic, which originated from Korea or china is been used in many dishes ranging from party dips, cocktails, cookies, and pasta. Isn’t it great…

Along with its great taste, black garlic offers you multiple nutrients that are bloody good for your body. Talking about white garlic has its own benefits but on the other hand, black garlic is on the top.

Let’s now jump on the tons of benefits of black garlic first then we will explore recipes.

Here are some of the benefits of black garlic

  • Helps to keep a Lower blood pressure
  • Provides relief from pain and inflammation
  • It is an immune system booster
  • Lowers the oxidative stress
  • Helps with maintaining cholesterol
  • Prevents the growth of cancer cells
  • It also reduces insulin resistance

See, it offers you multiple things but still, research is going on them.

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Black garlic benefits

Individual black garlic cloves can resemble turd pellets, wrinkled cured olives, or weird-looking gelatinous blobs. But hold on there’s a reason it is called black gold; there’s a lot of goodies in it.

Concerning the review taken in 2017, black garlic has a slew of healthful and therapeutic effects in cells throughout your body.

Now let’s review some of the Black garlic health benefits

Although, we have discussed tons of health benefits black garlic has, now let’s check out what some researchers say about it?

  • One research conducted in 2019, finds that the higher amount of organosulfur components behave like antioxidants so it helps to prevent cardiovascular problems. Along with this it also helps to lessen the formation of plaque in arteries, and also helps to prevent cell damages from inflammation.
  • Due to the fermentation, the chemical compound of black garlic alters. This alternation then creates antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-allergic effects. Second, it also provides black garlic the opportunity to protect the liver from any kind of infections and immune system, It’s also responsible for black garlic’s role in protecting the liver, improving the immune system, a 2019 pharmacologic review suggested.
  • Another research on rats conducted in 2015, suggested that the black garlic helps to metabolize the fats present in the body thus helps to maintain blood levels of lipids,  triglycerides, and cholesterol.
  • Who wants to lose their weight, everyone, right? Black garlic has anti-obesity properties that help to reduce the number of fats. Plus the study on rats proved this weight loss point in 2017.
  • Another 2009 study on rats shows that black garlic has this tendency to lower the risk of diabetes and other heart diseases by improving blood sugar and blood fat.

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You don’t know this, black garlic is good for your hair too…

Black garlic shampoos do exist, however how much they are effective than a regular shampoo? Its answer is not specified. Yet, a 2012 study on mice shows that black garlic prevents hair loss.

For lustrous locks

You will find a plethora of black garlic shampoos, hair oil, and many more products in the market because they claim it has various components that have millions of health benefits but it is impossible to say whether they will work or not.

Helps to prevent hair loss

Many studies have been conducted to check the potential of regular garlic and onion juice for preventing hair loss and even growing them. And for your amusement, it shows very good outcomes.

Talking about one of the experiments back in 2007 shows that by using black garlic gel in the treatment, approx 95% of the participants show good to moderate hair loss results, which is brilliant.

However, the number of participants was only 44 and the steroids cream was also been added with the black garlic gel which could have affected the results. More research is needed on this topic.

Black garlic is also good for your skin

For ages, garlic is been used in the treatment of the skin. These benefits include;

  • Prevent against skin infections
  • Helps in wound healing
  • Fasten up the tissue regeneration
  • Relief from symptoms of eczema. acne, psoriasis, and warts
  • Eliminate the appearance of signs of aging and UVB damage

Let’s see the various kinds of black garlic.

Two terms are being used when talking about black garlic, one is aged garlic” and the other is “black garlic” itself. Some consider it the same, whereas, some highlight a small difference between them.

Health benefits of Aged black garlic

This garlic is not fermented completely like if the garlic doesn’t put in the right heat and humidity, will not convert into black garlic. Instead, it will be between raw white garlic and fully fermented black garlic.

Because it lies between the regular and black garlic, it has benefits of both. To some extent, it has been fermented so that chemical properties have changed so that’s why it has some pros of both the garlic.

Benefits of fermented black garlic

One of the subtypes of aged garlic is what we called black garlic. It’s been fermented completely and reached the maturity level during fermentation. It means the raw white garlic has been converted into a fully black one.

The whole fermentation process of converting white garlic into black garlic takes up to 40 to 50 days approximately.

After tons of benefits let’s check out some side effects of black garlic

Black garlic and garlic in general are associated with various health benefits and are safe to consume. However, few cases of some side-effects of black garlic have been seen;

Allergic reaction:

Late in 2017, women report after effect of black garlic in terms of pneumonia.


People with blood clotting can have a problem in taking black garlic because it produces an anticoagulant effect. Second, it can also result in excessive bleeding after surgery.

Reaction with other medication:

It is possible that the black garlic can interfere and react with other medicines or drugs you might be used for blood pressure or HIV.

Other complaints.

It is obvious that too much of a good thing can be harmful. Intake of a high amount of garlic can cause bad breath, skin odor, and stomach discomfort.

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Let’s check out some black garlic recipes and tips.

Speaking of black garlic which is a must to use the ingredient in Asian culture, it can also be used in varieties of other food items.

Where to look for black garlic

Finding black garlic in grocery shops or Asian markets is very easy. Other than this you can also order it from an online platform. You will find it in various forms that include whole bulbs, peeled cloves, and powder.

Another interesting way to get black garlic is by making your own. It is a very simple and easy to go process for assistance you can google it out.

Do You Know how to use black garlic?

We are going to tell you some simple ways, through which you can add black garlic to your daily life and yes MENU.

  • You can add Black garlic to soups and purees, especially veggies purees.
  • Make marinades, sauces, or dressings from this ingredient but you have to blend it with other ingredients.
  • Use it in dips, spreads, or compound butter, but mince it before use.
  • You can also sprinkle the powder on certain dishes to make your signature seasoning blend.

Recipes for Black Garlic

You should be now ready for the amazing and mouth-watering recipes of Black garlic.

1. Main dishes

2. Snacks & Side Dishes

Yes, we all love snacks and side dishes. Below are some of the best recipes you can prepare from Black garlic.

3. Desserts and Drinks


We know that black garlic is just fermented garlic, nothing else. The fermentation process turns the cloves of garlic into black and jelly-like. Know what, the flavor of the garlic turns into a sweet-tart one.

For centuries garlic and other members of this family like onion have been used to treat many health concerns, which include brain, heart, and liver. There are research articles that also prove that black garlic has benefits.

It is completely safe to consume garlic. It has been noticed that there are adverse effects as well but before believing that ask your doctor before starting garlic supplements because it can mess with certain medications. That means if you are taking any medicine, do consult your doc.

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