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Best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy | Pregnancy Yoga

It’s very important to stay active during pregnancy. Doing Yoga can have a lot of benefits. There are certain yoga poses for pregnancy, a mother should do. Prenatal yoga is awesome because it’s the best combination of strengthening and stretching. There might be a lot of Prenatal yoga instructors around and if a baby is on board, you must get yourself enrolled.

Staying active and healthy can have benefits for mother and baby as well. There are other forms of exercise a pregnant mother can do, like jogging, body weight, and much more. But before starting these exercises consult your doctor for better suggestions.


What does yoga do to your body, when you are pregnant? First, it’s a form of exercise, which brings awareness about the changes in your body on daily basis. A study has shown that pregnant women who do yoga were more optimistic about life, felt stronger, and improved their well-being overall. Pregnant women feel down and depressed most of the time thinking of their pregnancy. According to research, prenatal yoga helps in reducing stress and depression too. Great right.

Secondly, breath control. If you go to yoga classes, you do not need Lamaze for sure. Yoga does wonders with your body trust me. It makes you more conscious and you know well what’s happening with your body, the feelings are just out of this world.

Keeping all this in mind, we are coming up with the best Yoga poses for Pregnancy, which will relieve the pain and most of the common pregnancy complaints, like lower back pain and tight hips. Even if you are not pregnant you can practice these poses.

Note: Do consult with your doctor before starting these Yoga Poses for Pregnancy, especially for pregnant women or those you are just planning for a baby on board.

Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

Below exercises or poses are especially for back pain, so let’s start with the best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy.

1. Ankle-to-Knee Pose


This is the best yoga pose if you have back pain. This pose helps to relieve tension in your gluteal muscles. It also creates space for your belly and opens up your back.

So, How to do it?

Sit on the floor with your feet and knees bent. Relax your shoulder and your right foot should be under the left knee. The right knee should rest on the floor.
The left footrest on the right knee and left knee rests on the right foot. Your palms should be on knees or foot or you can also bring them together to prayer.

After some time, you can switch leg placement and repeat on the other side as well. For best stretches, you can hinge forward.

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2. Seated Side Bend


If you have a cranky back, this side bend will help. The best thing is you can choose your favorite variation, either open legs or crossed. Let’s know how to do these Yoga Poses for Pregnancy.

How to do it

In an upright seated position, you can start this yoga pose. Your legs should be crossed or folded and your right hand should rest on the floor.
Now, stretch your left arm straight up and bend your body to the right. While bending to the side, the forearm can be used as support. Once this cycle is done, repeat the same on the other side.

3. Standing Forward Bend


This is another exercise to get rid of lower back pain and tension. A simple exercise, you just need to bend forward with your wider feet than usual.

Let’s know how to do?

Stand on wider feet, your knees should be slightly bent and your hips should be level. Now, bend forward at the waist. Your head should be dropped down toward the mat. Make sure knees stay loose.
With opposite hands, you can hold your elbows, which will help elongate your spine. After few minutes exchange your arm grip so the opposite arm crosses on the top.

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Yoga poses for tight hips

4. Yoga Squat with a block/Yoga Ball

Do you know that during pregnancy your body becomes more flexible? Yes, True. Because your body releases the hormone called relaxin, as your pregnancy progress, which makes you feel more flexible.


But, you need to be very careful. Don’t move your body beyond the range of flexibility. A yoga squat can be awesome during pregnancy, which wasn’t when you weren’t pregnant.

How to do it

Sit with legs extended from normal. Keep your back straight and bring hands together between knees in prayer. In this position, your elbows should press into your inner thighs. To make it comfortable you can use a block for a supported squat or a yoga ball too. It’s completely up to you.

5. Pigeon Pose

Again a perfect pose for relieving lower back pain.

How to do it


There are different poses to do the pigeon pose. You can choose any of them according to your ease and comfort.

Start on your hands and knees, with your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Slide the right leg forward till the right knee reaches the right wrist and the flexed right foot reaches the left wrist.

Relax your left foot and internally rotate your leg as you lower it to the floor and extend it behind you. Make sure your left leg is parallel to the ground and not arched out to the left.

Come down onto your forearms, join your hands in prayer, and bow your head to touch your thumbs if it feels comfortable.

If your tummy won’t let you bend forward, stand comfortably erect and avoid putting too much strain on your low back. Repeat on the opposite side.

6. Low Lunge Twist Pose

This pose will remove the misconception that pregnant women can’t twist. The reality is you just need to skip only the exercise that compresses your body against your knees.

Do you know closed twists create a compression effect on your internal organs which changes the blood flow? When you unwind your body, you get fresh blood flowing all over your body. The solution is just easy twists. Twist in an open manner so that there is no compression to any of the joints or organs.

How to do it

Begin with all fours. Place your left foot on the floor so that your knee is above your ankle and your leg is bent at a 90-degree angle.

Flex and extend your right foot behind you while keeping your palms firmly on the floor, and come into a low lunge with a straight right leg. Allow your sight to follow your hand as you shift weight to your right hand and extend your left hand toward the ceiling. Rep on the opposite side.

For relieving belly weight do these Yoga poses 

7. Wide-Knee Child’s Pose

People who are already indulging in yoga, are well aware of the potential benefits of this pose. As you grow older your belly will become heavy in fat so anything which can be reduced is likely to be the best thing.


How to do it

It is very easy and relaxing, you just need to lean on the floor, placing the buttocks on the heels, the tops of the feet against the floor, the big toes touching, and knees out wider than hip-width.

After this you have to place your chest with the floor or mat, this will lower your body between the knees. Now put your forehead in a way that it touches the mat and lay your arm with it to feel more comfortable.

8. Cat-Cow Pose

We have mentioned, in the previous exercise pose that putting pressure on your belly feels great, but remember don’t exaggerate too much pressure just go with the flow.

How to do it

This time begins with all four, start inhaling calmly to move your back in a downward direction but don’t give pressure to your lower spine, not good at all.

Round your spine, tuck your rear, and curl inward as you exhale, looking down and toward your navel. As you inhale and exhale, continue to move through both poses.

9. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

Likewise, the other yoga poses will allow you to put off the pressure from your lower back thus reducing belly fat.

How to do it

This pose needs you to sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, then place your knees out wide, like a straddle, but don’t force your legs any further than they can go.

Now you will have a flat back, so slowly and gradually move forward towards the floor and your forearms should be on the floor in front of you. This will feel like there’s a stretch in your hips.

Yoga pose for tight shoulders
10. Dolphin Pose

This pose comes with opening your shoulders and facing downwards, allowing your lower back and shoulders to become more flexible.

How to do it

Begin with crawling on all fours, like a modified Downward-Facing Dog, fold toes and rise hips toward the ceiling, thus straightening the legs. Even if your toes don’t contact the floor, your arms and legs will be straight.

Now maintaining your position you have to lower yourself onto your forearms while balancing the posture. Remember, a neutral neck and rise hips are very important.

It is okay to feel uncomfortable with your heads upside down, what we and Kristoffer offer is that you do this pose while pressing the forearms against the wall, walking feet until the head can be dropped. Happy with it!!

Yoga poses for all-out relaxation
11. Supported Fish Pose

You don’t need to always go for backbends poses. Here for you this great pose of keeping your legs bent.

How to do it

Two yoga blocks are required for this pose, start by sitting comfortably. Place a block many inches below you at the lowest height to support your mid-back. For assisting your upper neck and head, position the second block a few inches beyond the first at the middle or highest height.

Fold your legs into a butterfly pose with your feet touching and your knees comfortably out to the sides.

Allow your mid-back (between shoulder blades), upper neck, and head to rest on the blocks while you slowly lower yourself back.

Experiment with the position and height of the blocks to see what works best for you. Allow your arms to naturally rest at your sides once you’re relaxed.

12. Legs-up-the-Wall Pose

The 9th-month pregnancy duration is not that easy to handle. When the time comes where you don’t feel great resting on your back. how bad right?
At that point, this yoga pose will not only relax you but relieve you from swelling and soreness by just putting a pillow at your back to come at an angle instead of straight back.

How to do it

This is very easy you have to sit by your favorite wall. Raise your legs and laying your face on the floor up. Keep your legs straight as possible and don’t put pressure on your lower back you can also use a soft pillow for it. Rest your hands on your belly, for greater experience put on a sports bra, and feel relaxed.

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