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Mood Swings in Pregnancy | How to Deal?

These mood swings in Pregnancy, start in the very early days. But nonpregnancy mood swings are all over because of stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and very common menstruation. Along with the hormones in your body, here are various things triggering mood swings in Pregnancy.



It is usually seen that during pregnancy women are not likely to welcome changes easily, thus making them irritated and react harshly.

Pregnancy symptoms

Forgetting simple things, fatigue and morning sickness are some of the pregnancy symptoms that make everything difficult for you for the whole pregnancy duration.

Delivery and motherhood worries

The anxiety of delivery or becoming a mother doubles your tension and brings You stress in terms of mood swings.

Pregnancy comes with multiple things and mood swings are one of them.

The 9th-month duration of pregnancy brings a ton of changes in terms of physical and emotional, and mood swings are the most common among all.

The mood swings begin with the very first month and last thought out the 9th month and even after it, so be prepared for it. The common cause of these mood swings is due to changes in your hormones that lead to different kinds of changes in yourself, thus preparing you to give birth.

I know right? these mood swings are annoying and scary but they are normal. Today we are going to discuss mood swings and the ways to deal with them.

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Let’s start with some pregnancy hormones

When you become pregnant certain hormones present in your body change a bit, like the amount of estrogen and progesterone level increases in your blood. WHY? these changes in hormones occur in the first place because they are preparing your body for birth. However, they also impact us emotionally making it a bit challenging.

These changes can be seen in terms of being more irritated, moody, or sensitive. The sensitivity is due to an increase in the level of progesterone and some women are sensitive to this, thus making them emotionally unstable.

Mood Swings in Pregnancy

With each month passing along with your baby’s growth your moods also vary. Here are some feelings that you can encounter during the journey.


  • First trimester: It is very common to have a fear of miscarriage in the first 12 to 13 weeks. You will be having a lot of concerns about overeating and sleeping manners. At this stage, feeling stomach ache or cramps could freak you out of fear.
  • Second trimester: After Your first trimester there will be a relief of a wave for you but still, you are a mother there will a certain level of fear related to yours and the baby’s health will be always there.

  • Third-trimester: This duration also has many fears related to birth. The Pain of delivery, whether it will be a normal or C section delivery? and many more fears. At this point, you need emotional support by your side.

Unexpected crying

  • All trimesters: The feeling of crying will be with you along with the whole duration of months and it is very common due to hormonal changes so keep a tissue or a towel with you every time.😁

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  • First trimester: Anxiety throughout the trimesters is very common. Every woman thinks and stresses out about various things in their first trimester of pregnancy like baby, eating habits, physical and emotional changes, and of course how we can miss out on hormones changes.
  • Second trimester: The growing body is always gonna be a worry for women and the pregnancy growth could also worry you.
    This is the time when you will feel your baby’s movement depending upon the placenta. These movements might also worry you if you are not feeling them.
  • Third trimester: Later the end of the second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester, exactly at 28 weeks women are asked for monitoring and that can add up to Your anxiety of whether the baby is doing okay or not?
    Later around the birth time, the pain and delivery issues can worries you up but it is common to feel that, delivering a baby is not like eating candy.


  • All trimesters: All things are now brought to this anger which is the most irritating one. Women in the first trimester are more likely to be angry because, dude, the hormones are rising. Pregnancy can also be aggravating due to the numerous negative side effects (and can be hella uncomfortable). This can lead to a lot of annoyance and resentment over things that non-pregnant people don’t appear to care about.

What’s up with pregnant brain and forgetfulness?

You will find it hilarious that pregnancy induces brain fog. Believe it, as various studies have found that the brain alters during pregnancy, mostly the side which controls your emotions. Moreover, in the third trimester, the brain cells volumes also decrease.

So because of these changes, it is possible to forget certain things like what you were looking for, apportionments, etc. Remember during pregnancy work on your sleeping habits sleep well your body and brain need the energy to be focused and for that, healthy sleep is needed.

Struggling with a growing body and feeling low esteem

  • First trimester: A new life is growing inside your body so your body also grows. Talking about the first 12 weeks your body doesn’t grow that much but you can bloat and feel a little low of growing.
  • Second trimester: Around 14 weeks usually women begin to grown and showed up. This can be a moment of happiness and worry if you were facing any body-related issues.
  • Third trimester: The third trimester is when you’re at your most pregnant, and it can be unpleasant. Some women may become self-conscious, which can have an impact on intimacy.

You can also have a hard time dealing with comments like “You’re so big!” as well as “Wow!” “Are you expecting twins?” I inquire. These can make you feel insecure and make you question whether you’re genuine “too big.” Even though it is normal, a fluctuation in weight might be unpleasant for some women.

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Nesting, what’s this?

This is the sudden state where after woking up women want to clean up all the things to set ready for baby, that’s the nesting mode. This nesting mode is at its peak in the third trimester, 2013 studies suggested.
The estrogen may play a role in your sudden need to prepare everything for your baby’s birth, but it does not guarantee labor is imminent.

 Pregnancy Mood Swings & How deal?

Taking care of yourself is very much necessary to do so as you are both physically and emotionally changing. Here are some tips on how to deal with these mood swings.

  • Give yourself a “me” time: Spend time doing things which you like, sleep well and forget about the unnecessary gathering and outings. Spend time with yourself and your loved ones, this is all you need to do.
  • Express yourself: Don’t isolate yourself, talk and share your feelings and anxiety with your loved ones and trusted ones.
  • Avoid scary pregnancy books and videos: Remember this avoids any kind of stuff that includes books, movies, vlogs that has horror elements in them. Be away from anything that scares you.
  • Don’t be a google freak: Please avoid being a google freak during pregnancy. The Internet has tons of misinformation so don’t sit down reading them and taking stress. Please!!
  • Join some online moms groups for support: Talk to other women out there experiencing the same thing as you are. Believe me, it will cheer you up.
  • Don’t feel guilty for any reason: You will have various cravings so don’t overthink about them and feeling guilty.
  • Eat healthy when hunger strikes: When you are hungry go and grab some nutritional food items, avoid sugar items that are not worth it.

Serve your time with some courses of birth that will help you with labor. This is very important and these courses will help you to prepare for what’s coming next to your stage.

  • Relax and go with the movement: Yoga, exercises, and mediation all are super ideas in pregnancy not only they will relax you but they are healthy for you and your baby.
  • See a mental health professional: If you need to see some health professionals it is okay to seek help from them to cope up with the emotions and anxiety.

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Who knows about mood swings being depression?

Have you heard about postpartum depression that is after childbirth, but still you can develop depression during pregnancy? According to one study, about 20% of postpartum depression begins during pregnancy. Depression that goes undiagnosed and untreated during pregnancy isn’t beneficial for mom or baby, and it’s not the same as hormonal mood swings.

Let’s check out some symptoms of depression during pregnancy:

  • Difficulty while making decisions
  • Not Focused
  • Feeling down most of the time
  • Not being worried about anything
  • Feeling tearful a lot of the time
  • Feeling restless and agitated
  • “Losing your self-confidence
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • Having suicidal thoughts

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or feeling depressed, it is better to contact your midwife she can then provide you with the best mental health professional care who will monitor you through the pregnancy and even after it.

Points to take home

Remember, mood swings are normal but they can be annoying sometimes. Therefore it is better to express yourself to your partner and family don’t isolate yourself. If you feel these mood swings are getting worse better to contact your doctor for professional help.

So finding solutions to your mood swings as soon as possible will help you have the greatest experience possible as a new mother.


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