Can You Get Pregnant from Precum? | What is Precum?

Can You get pregnant from Precum? It’s a weird question right and if you don’t know the answer, you will get the answer. You might not have thought about precum and pregnancy right? It’s possible yeah, the clear fluid, penis excrete during orgasm can cause pregnancy. So, next time you know what to do to avoid pregnancy during a precum. You should know about precum pregnancy and the risks of the pull-out method. Stay with us.

Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

Do You Know about precum?

Cowper’s fluid, pre-ejaculate, or pre-cum, all are same don’t confuse yourself. A clear liquid, which comes out of your penis during arousal. Do not confuse this with semen, which is actually sperm-filled fluid. Do you know that it is produced by glands in the urethra, not from the testes?  FYI, it’s a natural lubricant, to help you and your partner.

You just need to know that, before the final thunderous applause it’s just a smattering of slow clap. It does not contain sperm but, still, you can get pregnant and that is of course unplanned one.

Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

The answer is YES. It can cause pregnancy if you are not using any contraception device. Precum fluid does not contain sperm, that does not mean the few sperms cannot run to the egg for ovulation?

A study has shown that pre-ejaculate has sperms it. Sperms can stay in your urethra from your early good times and can be released during arousals.

A lot of research is still needed in this area because still we don’t have enough literature to support this. The risk is low but no one still doesn’t want to take this risk. Low risk doesn’t mean any risk.

A strange belief exists between some people that, urinating before sex can lower the chances of getting pregnant, it will flush out sperms in the urethra. Still not enough evidence and study material to support this theory. Precum means no sperms but it’s a carrier and facilitates the transmission of sperms.

There are a lot of reasons for unintentional pregnancy, one of them is your condoms deceive you. Fingering and if you think you can switch to anal sex after pulling out, you might be taking a huge risk.

If your Penis is near a vag, there are chances of pregnancy. Bad news, right? Especially who believe in pulling out method and do not use contraception.

What are the chances of a precum pregnancy?

The most accurate strategy to determine pregnancy rates is to use the withdrawal method (also known as pulling out). Planned Parenthood estimates that 4 out of every 100 people who use the pull-out method correctly will still become pregnant. Given that the majority of people aren’t ideal, the figure rises to one in five.

Another disturbing thing is that the sperm has life in women’s bodies till 5 days, so it is possible that the sperm can enter your egg later, and then you will have the results in 09 months.

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Should we go for the pullout method?

Speaking honestly the pull-out technique is the best to avoid pregnancy. A study conducted by the National Health Statistics in 2013 claimed that 60% of women in the USA use this pull-out method at some point.

If you want this pull-out method to world best for you; remember the penis has to pull out of the vagina before ejaculation. Before going with this method consult your partner if she experiences an uneven periodic cycle this method is completely not to go for you guys.

Referring to CDC, the pull-out technique is good to go if performed accurately. This method is 78 percent effective if used perfectly (compared to 82 percent for condoms, 91 percent for the pill, and 99 percent for an IUD).

Precum carrying sperm, bad climactic timing, a lack of self-control, and irregular reproductive cycles all reduce the effectiveness of this procedure, putting you at risk of being one of the 1 in 5 unintended “pull-out” babies.

When to seek emergency contraception & Doctor

It’s always good to have a plan B, what if this pull-out method doesn’t work you can’t rely on it right? Get ready to explore backup emergency contraceptive EC. One of the methods from EC is plan B hormonal contraceptive pills, but you have to take it after a very few days after sex.

The effectiveness of these pills depends upon the days you have taken after sex. Some pills are effective even after the gap of 5 days, but if you can the pill right after the sex within 72 hours. You are all set to be relaxed.

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For your information, the effectiveness of contraceptive pills is inversely proportional to the body mass index BMI higher than 30. The copper intrauterine device is another alternative (IUD). A copper IUD is a tiny, T-shaped contraceptive device that is inserted into the uterus. Because copper is a sperm repellant, fertilization is difficult.

If don’t want to go under unwanted pregnancy, use this device and put it in your vagina after 5 days of sex. A bonus, this method is still effective for 12 years how great it is right?

Please note

Both of the methods mentioned that are pulled out and emergency contraceptive can’t avoid transmission of SIT, so play safely. If you feel like precum pregnancy, just take a home test or call your doctor.

Precum can cause you to become pregnant.

We hope that you won’t ask the question ” Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?” Right? Precum usually doesn’t have sperms, but it sometimes can lead to shifting lingering sperm to the egg. If you want to avoid pregnancy go for pull out method do check various poses before going on to bed or emergency contraceptive is another good way to play safe.

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