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Are you planning to go on a picnic after this lockdown with your family? If yes then you might be thinking about Picnic Foods or Picnic Meals to carry. Today we are coming with the best picnic meals to carry on your next picnic. These meals are yummy and hassle-free, just grab and fill your basket.


It’s always a good idea to go on a picnic during pleasant weather with family, friends or anyone significant. Relaxing under the shade of a tree, surrounded by flowers, delicious food, all contribute to a perfect day to relax and enjoy.

You do not need any heavy or fancy meals to make your picnic day ideal. Few simple food items can be the best choice and make the day. Most importantly they are delicious, easy to prepare and easy to carry. Your picnic is anywhere, either in a park, on a beach, or even in your own backyard, these delicious and yummy dishes will help make your next outdoor gathering a heartwarming time. Let’s jump into the easy meals which you can carry to your next picnic.



One of the most dynamic, easy, and fun foods to make. Include vegetables you like, or your favourite sauce like BBQ sauce, mustard sauce, sweet onion, mayonnaise and there are a lot of other options. Add a bit of pepper to your sandwich to make it spicier. Pair it with a minty-spicy dip to enjoy it. Varieties are sandwiches that can be prepared at home, ranging from just simple tomato-cucumber and onion ones to chicken, bell peppers and mozzarella sandwiches. Here are easy and interesting sandwich recipes.



When going for picnics salads seems to be less fun but there are a lot of ways to upgrade a plain salad to a much tastier one. To make it tastier and yummier, add vegetables of your choice like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, tofu, crunchy potatoes and boiled chickpeas or any kind of protein you like or even kidneys beans are good options. 


If you want to make your salads more flavorful, add olive oil with pepper, chilli flakes, salt and oregano as per your taste. If you are looking for some more salad options and you want to make your salads more interesting, then take a look at these salad recipes.


Juices are a must when going out on picnics. They are one of the easiest and refreshing things to make for an outdoor vacation or setting. There are endless options, any fruit you like, just cut the fruit, add sugar, throw some ice and blend, the juice is ready. That’s simple right. Pour the juice in a bottle and do not forget to take cups or glass with you because no one is going to offer you cups or glasses on a picnic. Try these refreshing juices recipes and do not forget to thanks us.



Brownies are everyone’s favourite. They are dense and chocolaty. If you are toping with some caramel, sprinkles and nuts, they will make the brownies more flavoursome. If you are planning for a picnic this summer, then brownies can be an option. Bake some brownies and enjoy them with your friends and family. Here are some brownie recipes.


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Wraps are food options, which are easy to make and carry. They are perfect on the go snack that is packed with taste and health. Most of the classic wrap includes onions, tomatoes, lettuce. It can be veg wrap s well non-veg. it’s up to you. You can add or subtract vegetables according to your taste. Fold your wrap in a roti, paratha or tortilla. Once done you are ready to take your wrap on a picnic.


Try these easy picnic foods and enjoy your picnics and tell us how you liked them in the comment section below.

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