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Food has great effects on our health and when it comes to Glowing Skin and care, people become a bit cautious, which foods to eat and which to avoid. Other than food there are a lot of factors that affect our skin health. But Food has great effects on our skin and there is food which is best for glowing skin. Factors like, stress, skincare, and any medical condition can also affect our skin.

But one thing to keep in mind is no matter your skin type, there isn’t really good skin or bad skin, but yes having healthy skin can be a bonus and that what everybody wants. We all know that food affects the skin and everybody ask some common questions about how food affects our skin glow?


1. Sunflower Seeds 

UV rays damage our skin and Vitamins like E and C can protect our skin from these rays, and this has also been proved by a study in 2013-14. Sunflower seeds are a good source of Vitamin E and eating these seeds with spinach, which is a good source of Vitamin C, can boost our skin.

2. Olive oil
We all know the benefits of Olive Oil. It’s suggested by nutritionists for a good reason. Research has suggested that adding Olive oil to your diet can help in fighting skin cancer and may also slow down the process of skin ageing. If still, you haven’t added this oil to your pantry don’t be late and start by replacing other processed oils with this oil to get maximum benefits.
Do you know the benefits of omega-3 acids? If no, then start eating Salmon and other fatty fish and see the results. It protects against cancer, heart diseases and also boosts brainpower. A study has also suggested that omega-3 is also good for our skin. This is found in salmon, tuna and other fatty fish. Salmon is great for simple dinner dishes and also super tasty.

4. Green Tea

The benefits of Green tea are not hidden and when it comes to skincare and health, it’s everyone’s favourite. It soothes the skin and also mood when consumed afternoon. Green contains a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that protect our skin and clear skin pores. Green tea is also good for treating acne. A lot of people take this dink to treat this skin problem.

5. Tomatoes

We do apply a lot of creams and moisturizers to protect our skin from UV rays. Do you know that our favourite Tomatoes can do this job for us? Yass…. A study has suggested that tomatoes and watermelons can protect our skin from UV rays, as they contain lycopene. But this does not mean you should stop using your daily sunscreen. This is more dominant in processed tomatoes, sauces and paste. Try watermelon salsa with fish tacos to combine a whole lot of skin-friendly foods at once.

6. Carrots and Green Veggies

We now know that Vitamin A is a super important nutrient for our skin, and our favourite veggie, carrots have a lot of vitamin A in them. There are a lot of types of carrots, purple and orange, and all these contain beta-carotene, which can be found in both. This beta-carotene turns into vitamin A. Try to pair these carrots with green veggies like spinach and kale to get the maximum powers of antioxidants. This combination will protect the skin from sun damage. You can try some carrot and spinach salads for a punch of nutrition.

7. Red Bell Peppers

We already know a lot about the benefits of Vitamin C for the skin. We can eat vitamin C s well, and eating can also have skin benefits. A study has also revealed that a higher intake of vitamin C can also protect our skin from wrinkles. Other studies have also shown that it may also help with skin cancer and other skin conditions. Add sweet peppers to your daily omelettes, salads and other foods. With just a few milligrams of Vitamin C, you may have a lot of benefits.

8. Water

Without water, we can think of good health. Not just skin health but also every other function of your body. So, it’s very important to stay hydrated as contributes to the healthiness of our body and skin. You should at least take 10-12 glasses of water daily. Water clears our skin by opening the pores in the form of sweat and also our proper functioning of other body parts and systems. So, it’s worth getting the amount of water you need daily.

1. Too many Carbs

High carbohydrates mean high glucose and insulin level. Refined carbs are absorbed very rapidly by the body, which means glucose and insulin will form rapidly in our body. According to research, this is responsible for acne. To avoid this, try to take carbs on complex varieties like whole grain, oats, quinoa, which digest a bit more slowly.

2. Dairy milk

Milk is of course good for our health, especially for bones, in the form of calcium and protein. But it is also responsible for acne. Mostly part-skim or skim milk is responsible for acne. There is no evidence that cheese can also cause acne, so you can carry on with your cheesy kind of products as much as you can.

3. Excessive Liquor

This is known to everyone that smoking and alcohol is not good for our health, also for our skin for a good reason. Excessive alcohol use is associated with eye puffiness, facial volume loss and increased facial lines. It also causes oxidative stress, which ultimately causes acne according to a study. Just limit your use per week or quitting is the best option.

Does eating chocolate really cause pimples?

With a heavy heart, we are saying and a study has also shown results, where eating too many chocolates may develop pimples. If the chocolates are milk made, the situation may be more complex. Another study has also proved that diets with rich sugar is also linked to acne. Stress eating chocolate is again not a good idea. If you want a daily chocolate fix, eat dark chocolate, which is good for your health and also contain less sugar.

Does Collagen reduce wrinkles?

It is a bit early to say yes because the research is in its early stages? But YES. We know that collagen is the main component in skin cells. People have started consuming a lot of collagens in daily food. If you take collagen for six weeks it may improve your skin elasticity and also reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Is processed food Good?

Research in 2014 has shown that heavily processed food has negative effects on our skin. It affects badly and also cause inflammation. Many dermatologists recommend whole, unprocessed food. Consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and fat but a healthy one.
Fruits are vegetables that are always best and can help keep your skin at best. Always balance the good with the bad. It doesn’t mean downing all above foods, like sunflower seeds, red peppers, and water won’t make up for excessive drinking smoking or not sleeping enough.
One thing to remember always, Enjoy Food that makes you happy and feels good. We know what stress can do to our health so if you stress too much about eating for skin, then stop taking too much stress and balance out your eating habits.

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