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What is considered “Healthy Food”? 

Healthy Food or Balanced Food are those foods that provide you with lots of nutrients, that your body needs to sustain and function properly. Nowadays it’s difficult to find healthy food as everything out there is processed. To Maintain Healthy Eating Habits, we need to know and should have awareness of the most healthy and nutritious foods to ensure a wide range of nutrients in the diet.

We all know that a Balanced diet is a secret to healthy eating. Water, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals are the key nutrients that make up a healthy and balanced diet.

Healthy Food

The outbreak of the Pandemic is also disturbing our eating habits, upsetting life for all the people around the world. People stay inside as everything is closed and stuck at home most of the day. Life has become more challenging especially when it comes to deciding what to make for dinner along with other daily challenges. 

Nowadays people are mostly looking for readymade and processed foods due to their availability and low cost, at the same time there are a lot of foods that are reasonable, healthy, and suitable alternatives. So today in this blog post we are going to explain ways to feed your family and yourself a healthful diet that would support your well-being. 


During lockdowns buying and storing vegetables can be difficult, especially when all of us are compelled to stay at home and outings are limited. But despite going through all this we need to ensure that we should take fruits and vegetables in our daily diet as much as possible and also to make sure our family members are taking the same.

There are a lot of ways to store vegetables. Buy them in a bulk and freeze them in the freezer. This way fruits and vegetables flavour and nutrients can e preserved. Soups can be prepared from fresh vegetables.

Vegetables and Fruits


When we go out to buy grocery our first priority is fresh food, but sometimes it is not readily available, especially during lockdowns. There are other substitutes that are inexpensive and suitable to prepare and store for later use. Mostly beans and chickpeas are found in canned food which is a good source of nutrients that can be stored for months. 

These canned foods can be cooked in different ways and you need less time to cook with little hassle. They can be mixed or included in other dishes as well. If you are looking for protein-rich canned food then you can go for salmon and sardine. These foods are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. 

Today canned fruits and vegetables can also be found in supermarkets but they are not as healthy as fresh products are. Lentils, peas, rice and dairy in cans can get and these can be kept for a longer time and at the same time they are tasty and affordable as well. If you are looking for breakfast options then canned oats with milk can be an option. These can also be customized by adding raisins and fruits. 

Canned Food


Avoid highly processed foods, as sometimes we won’t find freshly produced foods. Chips, biscuits, ready to eat foods and desserts like cake are high in salt, sugar and saturated fats. As we all know sugar and salt are called ‘’White Poison”. Soft drinks have large amount of sugar and we should also avoid them. 

Instead of taking a soft drink, we can make customize water by adding cucumber, lemon and berries, that would add flavor to it and will also help in detoxing our body. Making Smoothies and fruit juices at home is always a better option and also a good alternative to other sugary drinks. 

Processed Diet


Kids always ask for something to eat. So, this is especially for those who have kids at home. Parents are always cautious about their kid’s health. Provide your kids with food that is nutritious and healthy rather than chips and candies. Some healthy foods are popcorn, nuts, dry fruits, yoghurt, and cheese. All these foods are good for your kids and definitely have some nutritional value and will help you kids in building a healthy lifestyle. 

Meals for Kids


Cooking is also a healthy routine and I personally enjoy cooking. It’s like a therapy for me. cooking together with family, having meals together can create great and strong family bonds. Kids can help during preparation, especially in Ramadan and Lock down times, setting the table and presenting food, would help developing good habits in children. These kinds of activities can divert our mind and can help to overcome anxiety and mood swings during these covid times. 

Healthy Cooking


We all the for infants between till 2 years breast milk is the best food. It’s been stated that mothers with Covid positive results can feed their child. But still, proper hygiene during breastfeeding is very important, like wearing the mast, washing hands before and after feeding the baby. Mothers are advised to disinfect everything they touch which is related to their baby. 

Healthy Habits


Food is not associated with any kind of virus transmission and study has proved that there is no evidence as well. It is possible only if an infected person has touched the food and then it is touched by any other person. The only thing we should take care of during this pandemic is in store to keep social distancing, or we can ask for home delivery. 

Again, hygiene is important to avoid all this hassle or foodborne transmissions. Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly and then should be kept in refrigerators or cooked. Grocery items can be disinfected as well and the packaging should be properly dumped. 

Food Hygiene

If there is anything to add please write it in the comment section below. 

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